What do we live for

Who is wise than King Solomon who wrote down these inspired declarations Ecclesiastes 2:11 But when I reflected on all the works that my own hands had done and on all the hard work that I had toiled to accomplish, I saw that everything was futile, a chasing after the wind; there was nothing of … More What do we live for

That Decade

My review of the decade is kicking off with my first blog of 2020, but am still debating if I should do a review of 2019 it’s self. Anyway, where to start is a bit of a problem but I have to write this and it’s supposed to be long but I will make it … More That Decade


My play list doesn’t normally change a lot from year to year, I sort of have my own classics small time. My friends think my play list is boring because it had a lot of Yanni, Enya, City of the Sun, Hollow Coves, a lot heavy metal, alternative rock and indie music. I listen to … More SONG #BOTY2019


Why I love you, why you? you cause me my true love you are my addiction I don’t think I can get tired of your hugs and how you touch me both on the outside and inside When you are away it’s darkness without love. Nothing seen or unseen, here on earth or out to … More Why


to fall in love with a racing heartbeat, faster than a F1 car the all mixed up feelings and the biggest of smile there is on the planet as though you have not come to know darkness   to crumble apart with untrue and not sure feelings the night time weeping lost mind and unfound … More Live

Her two Kinds

She is two kinds the beautiful happy one is falling for. The mystery I can figure out she is made up of both She is scared that everyone fears but I still want her to be mine but intimidates the hell out of all my friends I must say she is the best person that … More Her two Kinds


Am restless most times, with insomnia in the mix it happens both day and night, I don’t stop seeing you even when you are not with me or even near me. As you must have noticed am very shy, so am always practicing what I would say to you If we like ever met face … More Falling


So we jazz a lot, like talking then the touching and the tapping all the time the teasing you the things we do, okay what do when I like you, like you Every other day I see you my eyes light up, my blood races, heart beats like hell as though have had a lot … More Crush


When they have talking eyes then they make us quiver a little but talking to them is not hard and when around them the feeling worthiness comes they make us feel like we are in paradise the flowers blooming beautifully and the evening sun shining trees and fruits bringing out their eyes realizing what beauty … More Crushing

Uncommonly known things about my country; Barkcloth

So again am from Uganda, central of the pearl of Africa that’s what Sir Winston Churchill called this place, to be specific. There are many Uncommonly known things about Uganda, but because of day 24 and 25 of this 30 days 30 blog posts challenge (#WinterABC) I will tell today’s tale on the barkcloth (Olubugo). … More Uncommonly known things about my country; Barkcloth

Unpopular opinions: Israel is an Apartheid State. #winterabc day 21

Today the world has many unpopular opinions, it just depends on which side of the world you are, like the Vatican’s role in the Rwandan genocide, the west and Libya. America and Somalia, France it’s former colonies only the Italian minister for interior has addressed the matter boldly but yet that’s when they have called … More Unpopular opinions: Israel is an Apartheid State. #winterabc day 21

Cultures and traditions that have no place in the modern world

Day 19 of the #WinterABC, is about traditions and cultures that don’t have a place in the modern world. These are so many but and this is where the one man’s meat is another’s poison. Am thinking about the issue of selling ladies to their husbands in the name of bride price but I will … More Cultures and traditions that have no place in the modern world

A place where a stick in the ground will have leaves the next day

Day 17 of the 30 days 30 blog posts challenge is about marketing our home countries. Am Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu the first of my name, only a person from the Ganda tribe and from the Nvubu(Hippo) Clan can have name similar to mine in Uganda. Uganda is that place in the great lakes region of … More A place where a stick in the ground will have leaves the next day

Should Africans go work in the Sands, modern day slavery day 16/30 #WinterABC

Day 16 is about advocacy, am supposed to write about an issue I feel is not talked about enough and I will go with their new diaspora in the Middle East. I believe Africa’s sons an daughter’s don’t get in-depth information about the Arab world and how Arabs have viewed the status of blacks for … More Should Africans go work in the Sands, modern day slavery day 16/30 #WinterABC

Blogging in Africa

Times have changed over the last 20 years when blogging in Africa was done by foreigners to the continent and it was basically about their experiences of their day to day life in a new place. They did their bit and set the ground for what the millennials that dominate the blogging thing. Since blogging … More Blogging in Africa

The Internet in Africa: Affordability, Availability, and Accountability. Day 10 #WinterABC

Day 10 means we have 20 days left with this blogging challenge on the internet, in Africa and the financial resources that go with the data. The best case study or example for today’s topic is the winter blogging challenge at least a here in Uganda. The Internet in Africa is still not yet affordable … More The Internet in Africa: Affordability, Availability, and Accountability. Day 10 #WinterABC

My Dream Life #Day2

Where we do not delay marriage and kids, or skipping them entirely. When there is not working all the time, often alone, outside the confines of a traditional office and without the camaraderie of co-workers’. The end For a person like me who lives day by day, this one is a hard one. There are … More My Dream Life #Day2


Question Do you write him poems? Does he caress your skin? Tell you the tales of sweet nothings? Does he kiss 💋 your neck? What of the bite marks? Question Do you love more of the things he loves? The rugby in our case Do you cry when he ignores you? I knew Do you … More Questions

Growing up today

GROWING UP TODAY Being employed today If you are lucky not to do part time work The usual gig thingy/ for creatives And you have a real job You will have little or no control over your life for starters. Have no memory of not being tired There is the aspect of underpayments of the … More Growing up today


  So who changed When we go around telling people How we can’t recognize the one’s who made us fall heads over heels When we are not same person either When we don’t feel at home anymore with them When we don’t feel the delicateness they used to cause When the spark is gone like … More Changes