The outlook of Uganda’s Real Estate Sector

A few weeks ago I wrote my first viewpoint Blog about the Ugandan real estate sector. in that specific blog, I was raising that coming issue of a possible bust bubble in the housing business. I also tried to point … Continue reading The outlook of Uganda’s Real Estate Sector

Experiment after the lockdown

Am a lover of love, romantic fondness is what am specifically meaning, it’s bold for a man to say that openly because frankly it make me an open book and if someone can read you then in most cases you … Continue reading Experiment after the lockdown

What I do for Self Care #UgblogMonth

Day 6 is when we start giving away those bits that get people speculating things if not judging, blogs take on the original form of personal journals like they were two decades ago. Self-care can mean many things. But let … Continue reading What I do for Self Care #UgblogMonth

What do we live for

Who is wise than King Solomon who wrote down these inspired declarations Ecclesiastes 2:11 But when I reflected on all the works that my own hands had done and on all the hard work that I had toiled to accomplish, … Continue reading What do we live for

Youth Unemployment in Uganda.

Today there are many things happening in the country, the would be pearl of the continent but it more of any ugly stone you could imagine of. The security and peace levels are questionable or debatable depending on which part … Continue reading Youth Unemployment in Uganda.

Misty Minimum Wage policy Or Trade Unions

  The intent of a minimum wage policy is to better the livelihood of citizens by ensuring a floor that protects the basic conditions of the lowest earners. But what are the truths about this policy. For long every time … Continue reading Misty Minimum Wage policy Or Trade Unions