When doubted and discouraged

There are those times we wake up and decide to move on after a period of contemplation to move on from a job or change career, it could be moving on from a bond that could be a long time … Continue reading When doubted and discouraged

My 5 Favorite books and Why

On June 20th of 2019 in another blogging challenge, I did a blog about todays. My favorite books have not changed despite the many books that have accumulated on my books app, I don’t like audiobooks, they just don’t sink … Continue reading My 5 Favorite books and Why

What do we live for

Who is wise than King Solomon who wrote down these inspired declarations Ecclesiastes 2:11 But when I reflected on all the works that my own hands had done and on all the hard work that I had toiled to accomplish, … Continue reading What do we live for

Africa and Secession Possibilities

Its been a while, the other day i had my friends tell me that every one faces a block once in a while, and i told them no am not suffering from one but my day was no longer 24 … Continue reading Africa and Secession Possibilities

The Crown prince. Is it a possibility in a modern Uganda

For some time my beer friends have been telling me am wise, i only write about things out of Uganda to avoid trouble or i only write in general terms when i touch on Uganda, one called me a coward … Continue reading The Crown prince. Is it a possibility in a modern Uganda