On My Watch, the Future of Storytelling

Independence to express ourselves as humans through content creation is as old as the first humans. Rock paintings are as old as time and they are just a small bit of how content creation has been. Like today storytelling of … Continue reading On My Watch, the Future of Storytelling

Halted Dreams

sketchespieced jointlymiscellaneous pigmentsrolled on a color patterndaughters and sons undevelopedintentions dissatisfied pendingdrafted manuscripts,of happily and after talesphrases not rationalto even the retired loversvanished into silence in front of the laptop in the corner of a cafégazing at nothingnessdarkness intensifyingtime haltedcurios … Continue reading Halted Dreams

Winter ABC 2020 Millennials and Adultescents

Millennials are we Synonyms with Adultescents This was my 7th blog post in 2017, when I started I had written down about 10 articles that I was dying to put out. Back then I was a very worry about my … Continue reading Winter ABC 2020 Millennials and Adultescents

Brand I would love to represent and work with: Afrobloggers.

There are many brands out there in the world, they have been build over year’s and everyone admires to be part of them. But I have also noticed its hard for someone to stay for 10 years. Look at Google, … Continue reading Brand I would love to represent and work with: Afrobloggers.

Four social media accounts I follow, and what I like about them

Greetings from Mukono Uganda, it’s day 9 and here we are. So day 9 is a tricky one for me because to me social media is mostly about people like me, like you without verified accounts. If you are reading … Continue reading Four social media accounts I follow, and what I like about them

When doubted and discouraged

There are those times we wake up and decide to move on after a period of contemplation to move on from a job or change career, it could be moving on from a bond that could be a long time … Continue reading When doubted and discouraged

Experiment after the lockdown

Am a lover of love, romantic fondness is what am specifically meaning, it’s bold for a man to say that openly because frankly it make me an open book and if someone can read you then in most cases you … Continue reading Experiment after the lockdown

My favorite blogs

Missed out on day 8 of #UgBlogMonth so I am back to do day 9 and then 14 and 16 and I will incline the challenge. Anyway, today is about my favorite blogs, not sure if it’s the same as … Continue reading My favorite blogs

#UGblogmonth Best relationship advice

With today’s prompt, I feel like running, running so far away from it as I can. When faced we as humans are faced with tough situations we either flee or fight. I since have started I will fight. The prompt … Continue reading #UGblogmonth Best relationship advice

What I do for Self Care #UgblogMonth

Day 6 is when we start giving away those bits that get people speculating things if not judging, blogs take on the original form of personal journals like they were two decades ago. Self-care can mean many things. But let … Continue reading What I do for Self Care #UgblogMonth

My 5 Favorite books and Why

On June 20th of 2019 in another blogging challenge, I did a blog about todays. My favorite books have not changed despite the many books that have accumulated on my books app, I don’t like audiobooks, they just don’t sink … Continue reading My 5 Favorite books and Why

20 Facts about me Day 2 #UgBlogMonth

When I was running through the topics, when they were posted on the Ugandan Blogging Community day (2), seemed like a real challenge. I was thinking and talk to my self, “you need someone to tell you what they think … Continue reading 20 Facts about me Day 2 #UgBlogMonth

What do we live for

Who is wise than King Solomon who wrote down these inspired declarations Ecclesiastes 2:11 But when I reflected on all the works that my own hands had done and on all the hard work that I had toiled to accomplish, … Continue reading What do we live for

Youth Unemployment in Uganda.

Today there are many things happening in the country, the would be pearl of the continent but it more of any ugly stone you could imagine of. The security and peace levels are questionable or debatable depending on which part … Continue reading Youth Unemployment in Uganda.