Reading and Liking a Writer

Your enticement through your words cuts across time and adopts new and all kinds of seasons. Whenever I read your work or listen to your podcast or watch one of your Youtube videos that you take long to produce, I … Continue reading Reading and Liking a Writer

Podcasting: African BlogShere

This year I set out to start a podcast about African blogs and African bloggers. But my goals to make it consistently hit rock bottom after recording the first episode with a Zimbabwean Blogger who is currently staying in Russia. … Continue reading Podcasting: African BlogShere

Of millennials, commitment and relationships on my watch

I have always wanted to tell this story for the most part of this lockdown, the more I have kept it away in my physical notebook, the more it has evolved. It has been dented by other blogs that have … Continue reading Of millennials, commitment and relationships on my watch

Halted Dreams

sketchespieced jointlymiscellaneous pigmentsrolled on a color patterndaughters and sons undevelopedintentions dissatisfied pendingdrafted manuscripts,of happily and after talesphrases not rationalto even the retired loversvanished into silence in front of the laptop in the corner of a cafégazing at nothingnessdarkness intensifyingtime haltedcurios … Continue reading Halted Dreams

Winter ABC 2020 Millennials and Adultescents

Millennials are we Synonyms with Adultescents This was my 7th blog post in 2017, when I started I had written down about 10 articles that I was dying to put out. Back then I was a very worry about my … Continue reading Winter ABC 2020 Millennials and Adultescents

Figuring out Miss Independent with Bolaji Gelax

Every guy desires to have an independent modern woman, the kind your mother may not appreciate. When you get one it’s surely celestial, it takes time to sink in and most times we mess it up trying to believe what … Continue reading Figuring out Miss Independent with Bolaji Gelax

When doubted and discouraged

There are those times we wake up and decide to move on after a period of contemplation to move on from a job or change career, it could be moving on from a bond that could be a long time … Continue reading When doubted and discouraged

Experiment after the lockdown

Am a lover of love, romantic fondness is what am specifically meaning, it’s bold for a man to say that openly because frankly it make me an open book and if someone can read you then in most cases you … Continue reading Experiment after the lockdown

One Way Love

Love from one side, or one way relationships are all around us. They some became marriages but nothing good comes out of them. They a live that one way street where traffic flows to one direction and when one tries … Continue reading One Way Love

Religious or Political Views Apartheid

In every blogging challenge, there are days when a writer will be judged for their opinions, sometimes they are not just judged but the readers never come back to read your work if you are so bold, day 16 is … Continue reading Religious or Political Views Apartheid

#UGblogmonth Best relationship advice

With today’s prompt, I feel like running, running so far away from it as I can. When faced we as humans are faced with tough situations we either flee or fight. I since have started I will fight. The prompt … Continue reading #UGblogmonth Best relationship advice

Lessons from the COVID-19 PANDEMIC #Day4

Day 4 of the #UgBlogMonth, I wonder how far of the 21 days I have covered in terms of percentage performance. And today is about lessons of a crisis we are still experiencing but compared to Italy and New York … Continue reading Lessons from the COVID-19 PANDEMIC #Day4

A tale about the Restaurant

Today I am telling a story about one of those days, times I spend at a restaurant. Am not sure if am using the right word. In Uganda we tend to use words wrongly but it’s the standard and they … Continue reading A tale about the Restaurant