If you noticed I never took part in the Winter Blogging Challenge 2021. If you are confused by that statement you are poor at following instructions and you don’t take in pieces of information reasonably. I was wondering what from my life could go for storytelling. Since I am human I have something. A tale about my choice in leisure footwear. I never own more than 3 pairs of shoes at a time.

Why shoes, from time to time people ask me if I am married…when I try to find out why they are asking they say

“your footwear”

“Those are ladies shoes, they must have been picked by your”

So I never explain because it a long story. I started picking leisure African footwear that is considered to be for ladies when I was in boarding school. In my 12th and 13th years before university, I was sent to boarding school or I decided to go there. This I don’t how to politely put but I took almost everything to school that even teachers wished they were me. So at the state of Advanced level (A level) Senior 5 or year 12 I got to learn the hard way.

In boarding school, there were groups and you had to belong to one. We had the World Bank Class that caused inflammation in the school economy, the United Nations these did intellectual charity for free (the free-minded smart kids) who were willing to discuss academics so longs there was time. The IMF was the opposite of the United Nations, you had to buy them something or pay them to discuss a number and they specialized only in the papers they passed. The one’s that are the center of this piece were sometimes called “Property Masters” other times they were referred to as the “takers” and silently they were “the Owners” and they made school a living hell.

Everything belonged to the property Masters and they could deliver to you anything at any time. So long as you paid them properly or even anything. In my first term by the second week, my mum was back to do shopping all over again, and since my parents don’t stay together my father also did his round when I was tired of calling mum using a phone from the property masters.

In my second term, I was fed up and even wanted to change school. When I was doing shopping for back to school I got a pink everything and when it came to footwear I headed to the girl’s section and got myself nice African shoes. I had got the idea from a friend called Hassan but I elevated from shoes to all other materials apart from clothing.

I did the next two terms in peace, and I was becoming the talk of the school. When I was summoned to the staff room at that point I was a students’ leader. One of the teachers asked.

“Chief Judge why are giving a bad example to the students”

I told them the

“the takers”

The Headmaster laughed and told me to go to class. I was so fed up of thieves that I invested my own money to get a few and parents were called in to pay fellow students’ property. Now the property master were both in the girls’ and boys’ wing and the main reason they were doing it was to maintain their place in the world bank class.

Later when I was no longer a students’ leader I lost my “the owners” outclassed me when my pink bucket was stolen by a boy and exchanged with a stolen one from the girls’ wing. When I saw it through a window one time because it was unique with a KNBS (used to import school materials for a term) sticker I made a fuss and went for it. The new students’ leaders had too much respect for me that they just let me do what I was doing.

Years after school at a funeral a friend told me they exchanged my Bucket to teach me a lesson. Still after school, I keep a pink toothbrush and my test of African shoes has not changed. I don’t know why the nice-looking ones are considered to be for the ladies. I don’t if it’s the femininity of the African man because my red phone is also a problem. Nonetheless, don’t let those African shoes I rock scare you off because I have not marked yet. They also don’t define my sexuality. Now I am wondering why it’s fine for ladies to dress like men and it’s a problem for us the men to dress like women. Let me not get into a story for another time.

Current set, Justine or a word from the port and Hailey of Wild Bloom have seen me in them