I am sorry to rant and questions the African culture. Tomorrow when I do FGM I promise I will leave the culture alone and move to fashion which I must admit is fused with culture. My peace for day 15 is not about the girl child since the boy child pays the bride price, it’s about the African society. Today which is day 16 again is not about the boy child because it’s someone’s daughter who will find themselves in a tough situation to bear a son.

I don’t like borrowing words from the Bible for the blog but I have nothing to do today. “Psalms 172: Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward”…this clearly points out that Children are a precious gift from the giver of life. Every child should be valuable to a parent.  The honest bit about this continent and its affluent cultures, a male child is treated exceptionally to the female child. The boys take the better benefits like good education, the right to inheritance, and everything running in your mind. Normally when the Bible is brought into the picture reason is thrown out. But let’s keep emotions and reason at a balance.

We live in hard times economically, China allowed its citizens to have more than 1 child. The reason was to keep their big numbers that power their huge economy on the right trajectory. The results were bad. Now they have allowed 3 kids and it to won’t boost their demographics. One of the reasons why the Chinese can’t just have many kids is economic. This is the same reason why millennials are choosing to have fewer kids. The problem is not having a boy child in the few.

If you are reading this blog you must be thinking I am crazy. People who have the time read blogs are the kind that doesn’t mind about the sex of a child. But out there the social pressure that is still put on women to produce a male child is real. Our friends, our sisters, wives are even sliding into depression because they don’t have a son.

We may wildly think that it’s Igbo culture because they have a movie industry that tells stories of how, families fall apart because there is no son in the equation. That Nigerian story, is the Ugandan story, it is the Zimbabwean story, it’s Egyptian, and whichever African story.  

Mothers will help their sons’ father kids from outside a marriage. Mother will advise their daughters to explore the realm of witchcraft to secure he who takes the throne. These proceedings are all done in the confines of culture. To the extreme women will even go out to look for a son. There are African societies where a wife who has no son is not respected and she is disgraced by the presence of the another woman.

When we are dating and we are trying to figure each other out we dialogue about everything. One of the most important issues that has to be fully discussed before marriage is when to have children?… in the event they want, how many children to have? If there is no common ground naturally there will be no need to continue with a relationship. If there is a mutual agreement and you make it into the marriage, it illogical to turn the world upside down because as a man you seeking out for whoever will take on your legacy. Because it’s how culture has dictated for years.  Julius Caesar, Shaka Zulu, the 300 Spartans did even father any kids but left some of the most decisive legacies. As millennials, we can not start plotting for divorce because we can not find a son. It is not humanly for a lady to fail to fond peace because she didn’t produce a boy child.

The sex of a child should not be such a cultural fuss in Africa.