Day three is going to definitely sound like a rant, but I have to. Ngugi Wa Thiong’ , Ayi Kwei Armah, Ferdinand Oyono, Mongo Beti, Cheikh Hamindou Kane, Legson Kayira, Ndabaningi Sithole, Camara Laye, Yambo Ouologuem, Wole Soyinka, Rene Philombe, Kofi Awoonor, Ousmane Sembene, Byron Kawadwa, Jamal Khashoggi, and Julian Assange. Yes, I just went on and on to list all your role models. Some of them were incarcerated even up to this day and others were killed. Some never set foot again in their homelands. One thing we are certain of is that their work was a mirror to society even those that did fiction. They never went to bed for money with those they were against.

It’s creative week and it’s important I add my voice to the lady who yesterday talked about blogging for a purpose. I want to convince every creative to take on real, serious issues affecting humanity no matter the niche. If a runway model can lead protests and cause shockwaves the world over, then what of those that create what the model displays. I am not saying go be radical and reckless but comment and highlight even in between the lines. One may wonder if it’s even possible for a fashion blogger to comment about health policies, how a photographer can showcase feminism, how a podcast about music take on voting rights. Well, creatives make worlds and to the unimaginable. On that note every it’s important that creatives talk say the unsaid and with skill, they can even do it indirectly.


When creatives take on serious issues they earn respect from the wider public, some even attract interest to their previous works. But most importantly creatives don’t just light up today but even many years after them. As a creative, you should be past influencing because then you are playing by someone’s script, to mirror society creatives have to set the trends and write the narrative that influencers dance to. To stretch out your convenience is one thing that has already been a standout point in the Winter ABC and it applies to taking on the hard topic for creatives. If for example, you intend to take issues like same-sex you need to be informed. Someone said self-education sticks so you have taken on the waters of information and drink them to the full.

There will be challenges that range from minor threats, your readership may even shrink because you may hurt some for taking on truths. There is prison and even death depending on the extents you take on social commentary as a creative. You will even be compromised with money to delete or edit your work in some cases. Unlike influences, creatives normally have a strong conviction for taking on specific issues that a price won’t change their view.

It’s important that the smallest of details are recorded even in works of fiction when mirroring current events. A creative should not block out a sticking issue, or mute it because they are simply tired of it. It will narrow the scope of your work in the terms of richness in content. It will be licking to those that will consume your work when you are not here anymore. Creative are spirited to go through storms to preserve information in a beautiful way. Creatives should never paint a future of hope if reality is saying the opposite. Hoping for light in darkness harms credibility of a creative.  

As a creative, you have a duty to make the world brighter but also pointing out wrongs and adding value is important.