#WinterABC if the creator of everything is approachable your pride doesn’t make sense at all.

Who are creatives? That’s one question that is still up for debate. So prefer to call them the new careers even when they have been here for millennia and they are just being accepted in mainstream society. But we can agree on this, they are characterized by the power to create and they are genius in their own right. Even curators are facet because they join up things to form something new. Bloggers, painters, photographers, videographers, writers of words and code, podcasters are just are few of the many in the field.


Reachable, attainable, within reach, available, cordial, easygoing, obtainable, approachable…I can go on and on. I have the authority to speak on this I am certain. If you want to earn from your blog in any way you must be those things. When I started my blog I intended to share insights into worlds that are overlooked. I continue to do so. I never at any day thought of money, but I set up an open line of communication for dialogue and criticism. I made Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu (me) the person behind the Benjamin WATCH Blog accessible. Open Direct Messages(DMs) are all it took to have money come in Just because a blog post looked like an academic paper after 3 years.


Unless you have a Nobel Prize in literature or even an Oscar, it not wise to have closed DMs as a creative. In fact, it’s very bizarre. Whatever your niche is and whatever platform you take to as a duck takes to swimming you will be discovered and someone will need to contact you. From time to time on behalf of organizations of the continent I am tasked to make contact with African creatives because someone watched a video on YouTube or listened to a podcast. It sucks to move in circles to make contact with someone who never replies to their provided email in the Bio. You can easily come off as a scammer or not passionate about what you claim to be doing.


As creatives let’s check our emails regularly, reply to comments and DMs, have a phone contact dedicated to our blogs, podcasts, and whatever we are into. Their people who don’t create for money, if I am contacted on something I am not into or don’t think I can do nicely, I forward the gig. But most importantly maintain the line of communication.  


I am sorry I am starting the Winter African Blogging Challenge with this tone, but in this first week if I produce flowers on this blog it will be a disservice to me and the African content creation arena. Now let me go read what you have for us this season.