Did the Dirty 12 score against themselves on purpose?

The European Super League saga was from the playbook of revolutionaries that have conformist values. It was a good change that the world worried about because they didn’t know how it would look. History will judge the dirty 12 fairly and next time they will not just be 12. Let’s get this complex story that cumulated in the last 72 hours or so into context;

 Teams Participating in the European Super League would have €350m just for participating. The winner of the competition would take home €500m. The money problems would be gone but it’s in the wind.

From 1992 to 2014, there have been more than 40 clubs in England that have filed for Bankruptcy. In France, there are exactly 40 of them and in Germany where the fans are proud to own clubs, 30 have run bankrupt. When they run out of money and get into receivership, they look for billionaires to save them. Manchester City and PSG have been good blueprints that even MSB the murderous crown prince of Saudi Arabia wanted to try on Newcastle United.  

From CNN

Football is essentially insolvent according to a paper by Stefan Szymanski a sports economist at the University of Michigan. That is a whole university department I am thinking we are so behind, you tell that to your parent and they will never pay for your education. Anyway back to the dirty 12 own goals or was it; Manchester United, Liverpool, and the rest can not do without the American, Russian, and Arab billionaires who help them avoid the going concern accounting principle. Among the dirty 12, the Old lady and the Red Devils are registered as public companies and traded on the stock exchange. After the announcement, both clubs’ shares were on demand, and after they pulled out of the project their shares went further downer. The investors are not up for stupidity and shortsightedness.

The money that football enticed into the beautiful game and came running as Billionaires from America, Russia which is Putin if he is really worth $ 300 Billion, and the Arab world that has been destroyed by wars so they invest far where bombs don’t rain. That money made fans talk about things like they are building a team. For the Billionaire, building means investing for longer at the expense of profits. That means they are throwing away money. Football is not just sports, it is more.   

The Chessboard of money needed changes to halt this wasting of money that is; why should a player be signed for obscene quantities. They ask for salaries then fail to perform. The Clubs used the empty threat in the European Super League for yet another time in the last 3 decades. They want to negotiate better terms, especially for TV rights. The deal that is now back in the boardrooms had a broadcasting forecast earnings of € 4 billion compared to € 2.4 billion from the 2018-2019 Champions League. The dirty 12 wanted bigger clashes, with more derby games to capture viewers which would mean more money. The next time you watch Messi play just know he is going to be paid on whatever used to by the TV or internet package. The media was out running negative stories on the dirty 12 project because they realized they were going to pay more to show games. Boris Johnson was scared of things like having a Manchester derby in South Africa or Kitende because they said games were going to be staged worldwide. Spain needs the El Classico for both geopolitical and geo economical reasons.

The fans were confused by the media, adding to their emotions and idiocy that are constants if you have to follow football. They could not even discern that bids for Premier League broadcasting rights are the center of the action at the moment. The world of Sport was crazy over a few billion. Money is money. JP Morgan Chase & Co did provide the financial backing that is now just there. The trophy that was unveiled could end up as a relic.

Football is now pretending to hate the billionaires. These owners may be momentary because they change over generations. The idea of fans running their own clubs is a very complex one. If you have been around anything to do with running a sports side for just one day, you must have realized fans can not manage an elite Football side. Yes, they do it in Germany but how is their relative performance on the European stage for clubs.

If football doesn’t want the American model, when are football players going to retire and be to afford to buy top-level clubs since they are paid well? Football administration world over is wanting and the European Super League was a wake up call. 

2 thoughts on “Did the Dirty 12 score against themselves on purpose?

  1. Old lady and the Red Devils are registered as public companies and traded on the stock exchange.
    The statement that caught my attention but I would still ask two questions like seriously on this
    1. Which one is the “Old lady”team?
    2. How can we have a Mena heater derby in South Africa or Kitende! Like how can that happen. But anyways I have enjoyed the read.

    Thanks for sharing boss

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