2020 on my Blog

This is the time of the year when bloggers take on reviewing the events of the year. Am not reviewing 2020 now, it’s too early. The pain of talking about how racism led to the withdraw of a prince and his wife from his family, the American president having a go at Iran by killing a general, Uganda gave away a forest for sugar cane growing, South African where recently burning foreign truck drivers. Think of any place in the world and all you will see are catastrophes clearly the horse at Revelation 6:8 is on the move.

I thought instead of recapping my favorite blog reads of the year but in my head, I could not work out the number but sometime next year if am here I will do my top 100 Africa bloggers in a ten-part series. Before February am sure I have to highlight my top 10 podcasts from Uganda because don’t normally share my podcast consumption because I listen offline mostly. Podcasts are better than vlogs because even when you are working out you can listen in, they are lay back.

Today am doing something personal. I realized this year people enjoy more reading intimate tales of a blogger. In the past, I used to concentrate on writing about intricate things. My goal for the blog was to make people aware of things that are least talked about but important. My readers, again and again, told me “your things are hard” even after I spent hours watering them down. So early this year I tried writing about myself, still in a complicated way because I didn’t want to appear weak even when I knew when your weaknesses are public no one can use them against you.  

So I did “Complexities of loving a Broken girl” and I was blown away by how it was received. When the person I was writing about let me do it I was shaky because I went all out. It turned out to be relatable to everyone who read it. The response was crazy to me, in a long time people hit my direct messages to give me their heartfelt take, the honesty. According to my readers, it was I think my best. To me, my best is very different.  

A few months down 2020 I did “Of millennials, commitment and relationships on my watch” one post that made me think am not a social weirdo after all. I appreciated the beauty of telling every story. I had always known that as a generation we are cut from the same fabric but this exact post through about 50 tweets from all kinds of readers made me think a lot. We all basically have one blueprint of emotional struggles. According to my readers, this was my second best piece.

As a writer, I didn’t take part fully in the #UgBlogMonth blogging challenge by Uganda Blogging community but I am certain I read every blog that featured on the project. I did even offer my site for guests and someone did two days that were well received. But it’s in that blogging challenge that you my readers come to appreciate one of my geopolitical theory take when I did “Religious or Political Views Apartheid” in the bid to disprove Israel is the chosen nation of the Bible and instead of a modern apartheid. Normally no one wants to discuss the principle of the blog. It was one of my best according to my readers. Again I base it on the reaction.

My blog is going to make four years next month. It was in 2020 when I made my first blog collaborations starting with “The many faces of feminism” with blogger from Zimbabwe called Sehli. We did a basic discussion of some of the types of a feminism but didn’t point out which one sticks out for Africa. Working with a lady on this helped me have two voices that a varying. In the past a lady from the far left told me men had know right to talk about feminism. So I had always gone on to be very careful but didn’t give up to watch and know which kind of feminist I was. With Sehli we tried to explore the feminism realm.  

With the queen of short stories Nicole Kurebwaseka from Zimbabwe who blogs at Humanity Boss we did “Figuring our Miss Independent” a blog series that also was featured on by Bolaji Gelax of Gelax chatroom from Nigeria. These were the first three bloggers I worked with. In “Blessings of Loving a Broken One” I worked with Marvin from Uganda of Random thoughts of Shadray and Louisa Msiska from Malawi. You can even have ten people working on blog post not even a series. Again In “Number of children for a millennials households” I got together with Rogers M. Wanambwa and Connie Dia.

From my own eyes, my most crucial blog was “On My Watch, the Future of Storytelling” and it’s one with implications that we are yet to face as bloggers. My “Book Review of Packlight: Memoirs of Growing up in Africa” taught me that book reviews are overlooked for nothing. They give mileage that is never-ending. If you are that blogger that cares about numbers do book reviews. I can only wish life and blessing to the lady that convinced me do one.

On Twitter, I made some wild foretellings in a joking way like Parasite winning big at the Oscars and when it happened I could not believe myself. I also tipped Biden to pick Kamala specifically for a running mate and now she is VP. But in it was this blog “Covid-19 and the future of your job” where I predicted jobless and I was attacked for being a demagogue but since it has come to pass. If you read and don’t see me as a realist your criticism is not welcome. I don’t just make up these things.

Low moments for my blog were from the Uganda Blogging Community. Saying I was not for the growth of bloggers especially in Uganda was backstabbing. My current economics professor told me the wages backstabbers on the world stage is death. My Benjamin Watch brand was dented because when am at the bar I still find people who ask me what happened. The last time it was a funeral a relative funnily asked me what happened. For the sake of my brand, I have to become a big one time to put my image right one day.  

Highlights were many, reading a new blog touching my life was massive for me. Helping someone start a blog is always satisfying. I had a blog (If Democracy is Outdated) from 2019 spill into 2020 in February when it was adopted in the USA. Stand out My Ugandan Story by Rachel Kizza series, that invitation is way up there. Anomaly Blog letting me do Courageous Conversations: Sexuality and Courageous Conversations: Death and Funeral was another highlight. My contribution to AfroRep in a “Letter to Land of My Roots” was something I hold in high value. Completing and fully taking part in the Winter Africa Blogging Challenge along with all those 27 plus Ugandan bloggers was a highlight, in 2019 we were less than 10 Ugandans taking on #WinterABC. Lastly having the Afrobloggers Golden Budge on my blog was my greatest.

I had a blog (If Democracy is Outdated) from 2019 spill into 2020 in February when it was adopted in the USA.

If you are back here next year in the first post I will explain to you how Ugandan and Rwandan Army reached Kinshasa in a matter of hours in a country bigger than Europe, when it took the USA and its allies 6 months to take Iraq with all their technology. I want to thank those readers that watch over me. Eunice Tossy and Bolagi Gelax thanks you for not having kind words for my bladders. Calling me out helps me grow.

Don’t stop writing the hard things, easy things make the mind lazy, hope that was funny. Write your story, trust me you will be surprised by who is touched. Don’t fear being a critic you never know who will offer you a partial scholarship but I will tell you this bit another time. I won’t tell you “happy new year” because 2021 is going to be a tough one. If the USA that was supposed to have vaccinated 20 million by now has only done 2.1 million we just have to be alert.

19 thoughts on “2020 on my Blog

  1. Although the news came and now I have a bad feeling about 2021 I couldn’t shake what you just said on this post. Nevertheless, I still hope for the best for all of us. I should still congratulate you on how you’ve grown and made deeper connections with your fellow African bloggers. I always admired you guys! I also agree that we should regularly challenge our beliefs, question our stance about things, and keep an open mind because we grow simply by learning the things we thought we already knew. I hope the next time you write, I’ll be writing with you, if ever you are up for it. 😊 Thanks for sharing this, Benjamin! xx

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  2. Benjamin!!!!!!!!! I’m literally screaming your name!

    Thank you for a great blogging year, our dearest “Baba Isale”. ❤️✨

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha! I agree with the people who said your things are hard. I thought so too when visited your blog. But it’s fine, thank you for writing for us.

    You did a lot of collaborations! Well done!

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  4. 2020 was a good year for you no doubt, enjoyed reading your work, the analysis and collaborations brought something unique to the table, on the dent that was Ugbloc, well I liked how you handled it, you definitely emerged, so congrats on a good year for your blog, looking forward to what you’re offering us this year!!

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