Sunny days

Have not been on my blog Benjamin WATCH for a while, as always I have excuses. I don’t if they are logical but I will try anyway to tell you where I have been. I have been putting my words on 5 other sites of other African bloggers. Out of the 5 3 are blog series, 2 of the 3 I have done 2 articles or piece in each series. I will later in the month do a blog on all of them. For now, enjoy, and think of Sunny days. Am still trying to stretch my writing abilities with these ballads.

When it stops shining
It became dark and cold
The love that used to be
The sentiment now harsh
And you are breaking up
staying together agitating

We start worrying
since the future is mysterious
Desiring to make the big move
Tense to come out lonely

Moving forward
Seems harder
Even when we realize it’s about them
But they make us assume it’s about us

More overwhelming
because even time can not help
their calmness
their wrath
Playing on our minds

we strive and force healing
a fantasy we try to move quickly
we feel guilty for no reason
Crying being the best option for awhile

we then figure it’s their influence
That we need to get rid of
Blocking it out
Guarding our space

Never letting anxiety affect us
letting of what’s long gone
Not dwelling on the old seasons
Moving on
Holding onto who we are
Leaving within our expected affirmations
Weaving a story we have always wished for
Writing them out of our sunny days

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