An accident

An accident

when you remember ours
I’m miserable to concede, it provokes tears.
I endeavor and conclude on what to let out. Only triviality can describe all that duration and discomfort.
My later impression of you, unsaid disgust is the decent I can commit.

My affection for you, a wonderful blunder.
You proved to be a serpent.
Your soul a pit and blank, wide with monsters you protect.
nicely nonetheless, like a roaring lion.
Your infections, Never-ending but modest and constantly there. My passion for you waited true there.

Your thick temperament began to squeeze me. I left behind everything even eternity and space. You snatched my puff and sense for daylight. Slowly injuring my marvelous nature. The most awful aspect.

My devotion to you, an amazing negligence.
Now I wish could eliminate and flee from the memories
Now that daylight is back on my shoulders
life is now worthwhile, and gorgeous
my hands can now touch the wind again.
I have myself, not in concealment any more
My nature is enormous and glamorous again
You were an accident.

18 thoughts on “An accident

  1. An Accident!! In my counseling sessions, quite a number of people have told me they met these! I love how you weave all this in being, making everyone that broken want to cry, again!

    Liked by 1 person

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