Book Review of Packlight: Memoirs of Growing up in Africa

Memoirs of Growing up in Africa is my first book review on my blogging journey. The book is an anthology of short stories from across Africa and it’s put together by Ibua Publishing. What makes it special from other anthologies is that it has a piece from North Africa bringing out the vastness of it’s scope. The shortlisted stories in the book are from Ibua Publishing’s inaugural continental call. There are stories from East Africa too and in fact the winning story is from Uganda.

It’s an anthology by writers from West, South, East, and North Africa meaning that It has so many characters that mirror the life of ordinary people. The stories have a figurative style of magnificent writing touch that will keep you enthralled but provoke your thoughts at the same time. The tales of adulting in Africa seem to be the same, from Nigeria to Uganda through to Botswana and Egypt.

The book explains the challenges females face growing in Africa. From before they bloom through the last stages of becoming women to the point of bringing in lives of their own into this world. The book articulates the inside battles that African children have when going through the education system. You will find stories of how children have to adjust to a new life as they find their footing because of the decisions made by their parents. The book points out the correlation between parenting and the economic setting that changes drastically.

The book is enlightening because it brings out some of the issues we keep in the rear in Africa like mixing modern beliefs and traditions. Since it is about growing up it gives an account of change in its full sense. It’s writing style is serene that it does not keep you on the edge as you read story by story. For those who appreciate and love words in a special way look for the book when it’s finally published.

Ibua Publishing was surely at it’s best for their inaugural edition of the Park Light series Memoirs of growing up in Africa.

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