My Winter ABC official Budge

Before I start let me tell you something about last year it was a tweet. I put out last November and I still feel the same way when I was drafting it or feel more positive about the principal of the tweet. So here it is.

This evening I got another budge from Afrobloggers, this time it’s about my involvement in the Winter African Blogging Challenge. By now if you have been here before you know why an African event has the phrase winter in its inscription. So WINTER ABC is a 30 day blogging challenge and it takes place in the month of June. Yes even if this year it took 22 days of writing there weekends that we’re set aside for reading and catching up which was a special twist of events because we actually had more time to read and discuss Africa, and connect deeply with other bloggers taking part.

November 28th 2019

Before I forget I thank Afrobloggers for organizing the festival, it was more than just writing and reading because as the world was hell-bent on the pandemic we were deriving joy, lessons, sadness on some days but most importantly information and awareness. That is one thing that all who took part gained from the challenge, at least I did. I understand Africa differently, I met new amazing people, comrades who care and think in a tremendous way, the way made me feel like an not a weirdo as compared to how people around me perceive my general outlook or character. I thank all that took part for the encouragement, recommendations on numerous aspects of life.

With this budge from Afrobloggers that am so delighted to accept. It will be a reminder of all that happened during the 2020 Winter ABC, a reminder of your stories. Who knows 10 years from now I will show it off to those who will be joining the challenge for the first time. I will use it as a stimulus to those I will try to encourage to join the challenge in the times to come.

When you are doing this challenge for the second time or if you have been through it before there are always feelings creeping up about bot being fully in, this budge of Honor feels like a reward of overlooking those feelings on my part.

Now I have to find space for the budge since not so long ago I received the highest Budge from Afrobloggers that have been flying like a flag, and adding to that sense of satisfaction this come in today, that’s how much this special online blogging community loves us. I will always cherish the love by blogging and encouraging others to tell their stories, because if we can talk and have words in us then we can write.

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