Winter ABC 2020 Millennials and Adultescents

Millennials are we Synonyms with Adultescents

This was my 7th blog post in 2017, when I started I had written down about 10 articles that I was dying to put out. Back then I was a very worry about my generation but now am sure we shall make it. By the time I did this blog I was out of campus had some kind of office employment but mum would contribute still half of my monthly expenditure, I have always had a job as a son so finances from my parents was never strange. I have now since partially moved out of home but still both my homes we’re gifts from my parents. Being a millennial is an extreme sport. I must say I put in a lot in this piece because I was honestly just getting of my knees as a blogger. So it’s the one am choosing. I know those that have read me before would suggest something else.

This specific post is critical to millennials but at the same time it’s a case for making sense of how complex life is for us. We finish school early by 25 year average and then find jobs at maybe 28 that don’t meet our financial needs and gratification as humans most times because they are not related to the reason we went to school making education feel like time lost which is no the case

Millennials this is our time but who are we at least in my eyes. We have entitlement, we are lazy and unwilling to work maybe more victims of an economy and the earth ruined by our parents policies and ideology. We are not at all the end of the human society however much we may seem wasted since we have some of the best and state of the art technology to utilize. We are actually the best hope of an eco-conscious and non-materially focused future, “we want to go green” personally I was always in the wildlife club.

As a millennialial I think we are generally a generation with a complex character creating various conflicting opinions.
There millennials out there reading this and they are like what does this word even mean. That aspects has a lot to tell about our generation. Anyway this is it according to Wikipedia, that search engine that does or did your coursework….. “millennials are the cohort generation that followed Generation X “our parents”. The dates are a little vague, but it’s generally safe to say that these are children born from 1980 to the early 2000’s.”

It’s important to note that we pretend to tend to be technologically adept, better connected with friends and more distanced from institutions and structure which is not the reality give it a deep thought or maybe try discussing with real friends if you have any will to reason since its not really our thing.

I think we millennials think of happiness as success, if am thinking right. We don’t define happiness as stuff like materialism. Millennials in general want a work-life balance, not a work to pay for stuff balance. That makes us better than our parents in generation x and our Granny’s in the silent generation since we have even ended up owning their properties.

Millennials just don’t make as much money as our parents did back then. So we can afford to rent and share things, the process of saving up to purchase something like a car and then spending to maintain it is not our thing since the economy is upside down.

We will be on this planet longer than the generations before us. It’s a fact that we are more inclined to make lifestyle choices with global warming as well as global socio economic issues.

As millennials, we are straggling with some of the worst social evils ever in the history of mankind. Some are to our own making and others are not. Time to record down more new words, new words also come with troubles in some cases.

Adultescent is one of the biggest challenge a millennials is likely to face today. Becoming that person who refuses to settle down and make commitments, and who would rather go on partying into middle age. All we think about is where is the next plot and it has turned out it doesn’t get any better. No one of us ever wants to address this issue or matter or question since its has a possibility of dynamic outcomes.

Our society is full of lost boys and girls hanging out at the edge of adulthood-says Professor Frank Furedi, a sociologist who has been studying this phenomenon at the University of Kent.

One would debate that we prefer happiness to materials because of circumstance or our own making. Our economic prospects are not very high and we claim its because of the great recession in the late 2000s caused by our parents hence making us realistic but is it the case.

Many governments have even go on to instituted major youth employment schemes out of fear for social unrest because of how dramatically unemployed we are but that’s just they dont give a thing about us.

Most millennials are also very Apolitical meaning they don’t even have a small window to create an impact on the policies that come out having great influence on the society we are part of.

Millennials are self centered and everything is about me, how to influence and keeping up appearances claiming we are interactive in a sense of wanting to be able to talk about things with our friends, to be able to show them, get their approval so that it’s in turn a following that’s what is important.

About millennials and drug use with substance addiction will be for some other time as a full blog since the issue is now claiming lives not wasting them.

I am certain that we may have gone wrong with all the resources the generation has availed to us as millennials, technological and the various medical advancement but we seem to take them for granted choosing parting to be the center of life and staying home with parents till 30 even those that leave still come for financial support even when they are married.

We have become to moderate in turn killing social and morel values that make us humans.

Back then when we were younger everything was nice and promising, encouragement from every body then all over sudden we were in the see of everything from financial hardships to, broken families, academic bottlenecks and careerist system with its pressure the time we had hoped for were never to be.

The self assurance that millennials had and the zeal for being doers was washed off along the way. In fact we learned a lot about life in short time as the sudden changes happened. And I think our beautiful childhood that drastically changed is partly to blame for millennials being synonyms with Adultescent or kidultsim.
But our children the generation Z will kick start society since they have more conservative minds. With this information age we are not going to be poor at parenting like our generation X. Actually one of the things that is going to make us better parents is information we are creating, collecting and sharing through all avenues including blogging.

4 thoughts on “Winter ABC 2020 Millennials and Adultescents

  1. Hehehe this was a tough one I once thought like this but the more I understood the more I got to know millennials have been dealt a different deck of cards and yes we shall make it. I don’t worry anymore I try to think of a place for those coming after us.

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  2. It’s easy to look at Millenials as selfish and lazy but I think this often stems from their desire to follow their own dreams and take unconventional careers. Most parents think kids who choose to be artists or actors are selfish and lazy. In believe millenials are actually better than many generations. We talk more about our mental health, we are more woke, more ecofriendly, more vocal about societal issues . The world is a better place because we are here.

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