WinterABC Day 20 Life changing Event

Wait it’s day 20 already, this is wrong because the WINTER African Blogging Challenge has two more days. Today is one of those days I am not supposed to write because I really don’t have what to write about. But that’s the beauty of a blogging challenge. So let me try to get to it to the best of my blogging innovative powers. I think your music selection was what I expected, no one surprised me. I guess I have figured you for the last 25 days.

I am supposed to share a life-changing event I have attended. I am not sure if it should be good or bad. There really no bad things that happen to us because we are humans who find the positive and move forward. Any I personally have not had my own life changing event that has had a far reaching effect on my existence. I have observed some shocking things like an eye popping out of the socket of a kid at school, or an electrician burn to death up an electric pole but then I had tremendous respect for current, I knew it kills because one day I ended up on drips for playing with wires. Anyway, every moment I have seen some dying I have a more critical view of life. One day I watched a lady die after a car wreck, there was no way to get her out because something had gone through her shoulder. I have also since stopped using a bicycle this lockdown, I got a minor accident when I decided to go to the bank in Kampala from Mukono, I was knocked down on my way back home blacked out and the fellow who gave me first aid help paid themselves from my pockets so am never riding sometime soon.

People tell me going to university was life changing for me because they didn’t believe in me. Only I and a few of my teachers knew my potentials. Personally when I passed not normally but really well I was not surprised, I had always known. My parents have never doubted my decision since then. My life changing situation is soon to come, that one moment. It will be when I bring a life into this world I know, it’s a process a journey that takes years. When I does and you are still here I will tell you about it.

My all life I surprise people, I think because I keep in the shadows a lot and just decided to bolt out. In 2008 I had this moment of doing a poem at school in my senior two called a Real Friend Vs A friend at Greenhill Academy. That day I was missing my front teeth two of them. I had lost them over the weekend and I was waiting for new ones. But I had to do my poem. Saw Monday I did it as part of the Wildlife Club presentation and throughout the piece, I could not pronounce “S” properly because I didn’t have my teeth and I was nervous like crazy but only me knew. So the “S” would sound like “Sh” and it was funny but it was too long and serious at the end everyone like it. I got a mini standing ovation, I become someone after that. It was my first time to be in front of more than 3 people and here I was before 800 students. My esteem has never been low. But deep inside me am shy like crazy.

I wish I had a real event to share with you, I have been a best man but I didn’t rate it a lot. It’s stressing, I can’t dance I didn’t like it. Am not like Beaton he seemed to enjoy wedding entourage last year on Twitter. When I wed and get a daughter, I want a girl. I will edit this post and change its date to then.

9 thoughts on “WinterABC Day 20 Life changing Event

  1. I will dance at your wedding even if it’s just on twitter 😂😂😂
    Sounds like you have had several life changing events if you ask me… Sort of like how there is no such thing as a smallmiracle
    But the good Samaritan who ended up helping themselves after helping you… That was a bit funny, maybe they considered it a form of balance too, no good deed goes unpunished or something like that.

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