Five Songs and Why

Am very late today, been dealing with my heart, it got shattered because I tried to drink from a broken glass for too long. I you have read my Complexities of loving a broken girl you would be connecting dots by now. Anyway about music. I personally listen to everything but my playlist is kinda constant. I listen to band music and a lot of rock music. There people who judge me for my like of heavy metal and others who find me weird for my enjoyment of classic and orchestra. Let me give you my five picks for today and hope I can explain to you why.

  1. XXX Intro by City of the Sun.
    So City of the Sun is a band that started put playing in the streets which they still do, they did this piece called XXX Intro which I find it motivating especially when am working on a project or going to work out. City of the Sun plays two guitars and drums and they don’t sing.
  2. Orphans by Cold Play
    Released in 2019 at the end

So the video of the song has many colours, patterns, and shots. It brings out the aspect of life being chaotic, but as the song goes on, you notice you can find beauty in each little moment. The video was done all over the place, but it come out just well.
Why I like Orphans is that it’s about Syria, which have written about before on my blog, am very passionate about the war over there because I think it’s senseless and selfishness.
How I know it’s about Syria the line-Rosaleen of the Damascene. Damascene is anything or anyone that comes from Damascus. Which is a city that’s also called the ‘City of Jasmine, ColdPlay are calling the girl the little rose of the city of roses

ColdPlay start the song with lines they got from the sound of a bomb and we all know Syria for the last 10 years has been a testing ground for bombs that have led to death of many.
In the song the band refers to Damascus the capital of Syria figuratively and they talk about a girl and her father who enjoy life but later die in a bomb attack.
It’s a special song, it makes me happy and sad, I like mixed emotions.

  1. Felitsa by Yiannis Chryssomallis
    So we all know Yanni’s music because it’s in most movies out there, just go and check. Yanni has is own brand of music no own else does it. He brings different kinds together. So he composed Felitsa for his mother and it reminds me of my mum too, that’s why I pick it.
  2. Amarantine by Enya.
    Enya is like Yanni, her songs are almost in every big movie. Unlike Yanni she sings and her voice makes you wonder how angels sound because they are perfect. So Amarantine means everlasting and in that only it comes with a lot of meaning.
  3. Memories by Hollow Coves
    Hollow Coves are an Indie Folk band formed in Brisbane, these two guys do earthy folk sound, the band blends natural acoustic harmonies, voiced harmonies, and impactful themes. Memories, because we carry old bits of ourselves to the future for reasons and some good other awful but we keep memories to stay true to who we are so that song make me think of many things from the past 1 hour, day month and years

I still have to compose my self and finish up reading your day 18 pieces that are very beautiful as I get ready to see which kind of music you really like. I have a pledge to fulfil

20 thoughts on “Five Songs and Why

  1. Don’t kn ow how i forgot to add Coldplay to my list, am a huge fan, can’t even say that enough, love Enya too, she just has this ability to lock me in my head, will checkout the rest, thanks for sharing!!

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  2. Coldplay is always a great idea. Will experiment with the others. Also, hang in there Chief, it always gets better.

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