I accept it now and I will be true to it

You must have seen the tweet by now

Musanjufu Benjamin (@Benjamin_Watch) Tweeted:
Comrades in the African Blogsphere

It’s with the profound indebtedness that I receive the highest Endorsement honor from @AfroBloggers for my blog https://t.co/STjU6L5iXN

I promise to stick to the undertakings that have brought me to this moment.

https://t.co/xa7pjnVtjz https://t.co/ajQfWTDLFU https://twitter.com/Benjamin_Watch/status/1274054133629272066?s=20

It has not yet sunk in properly, but I have to tell you about it. So Friday 19th June which was day 15 of the WinterABC. I had done a lot of reading during the day because it has been a busy week, with things getting back to some kind of normality. It was a long day I had a big confrontation that killed my week maybe even month or year. So at 15:28 East African time, I got a WhatsApp text from Bruce, he inquiries how my day was and I actually told him it was fine, May Angelo must have turned in her grave because I was not at per with her “letter to my daughter”. Anyway, Bruce went on to extend personal thanks to me for my works. Then boom he broke the news to me about the endorsement decision and other things that I can not disclose to you, my dear readers, and bloggers.

I felt very many things, at some point I felt like I was heading for a swimming competition in the final moments before I leave the blocks for water. As I waited for the official communication through email, imagining how my blog would look like with a budge. I used to crave for a blogging budge in 2016 but in Uganda, they used to be sold, so I have never had one on my blog. Then the email comes in, my phone has alerts for mail because I use mail more than I text and calls. I rushed for the icon and opened, I could feel my blood moving in my veins, I lost my focus on a zoom meeting I was attending. I read it more than two times but I was just comprehending bits of it. I then went on to open the attachments and read the PDF, then downloaded the images of the budge and stopped feeling my legs, it’s like I was gliding in space.

When I read the reason for the endorsement of my blog I kinda melted or become African. It was for my notable contributions to the African Digital storytelling space. In that moment I nearly questioned my contributions negatively because it’s in my make to be critical and some times pessimistic, but this was not the moment. I had to compose my self and own it. So I did that tweet and also a brief Instagram post. I went on to change my twitter cover and WhatsApp profile picture.

I have accepted the endorsement and am going to honor it to the best of my blogging abilities. It’s the highest honor that Afrobloggers give out and am profoundly appreciating their gesture.


For those of you who have congratulated me on the milestone and assured me for deserving it am gratified by you massages. Thank you is the most decent way I can communicate how you make me feel. All this only changes one thing on my side to better may ways. As have said before I will continue to read you all, share your works so that I don’t keep what I learn to myself. Interact with you when possible for a better Africa, our Africa.

For more about the endorsement follow this link https://afrobloggers.org.zw/afrobloggers-endorsement-badge/

1 Timothy 4:12
Never let anyone look down on your youth. Instead, become an example to the faithful ones in speaking, in conduct, in love, in faith, in chasteness.

41 thoughts on “I accept it now and I will be true to it

  1. Congratulations Benjamin reading your reaction has me feeling all kinds wordless !!!!

    You mention something that I have seen echoed around it seems blogging used to be super vibrant if one actually bought badges to display in their sites, that happened, or rather how do we stop it from happening again is more like what I really want to know.
    We never want this fire to go out!!
    Congrats again and other things that can’t be mentioned😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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