Notable African Personality who and why

Greetings Africa, the as the lock down is opening and work is upon some of us, time is becoming difficult to bend, there are more than 100 blogs open on my browser that I have to read, but someone nailed day 12 with the Sharpville genocide, to me it was not a normal mass killing because a whole generation was wiped out. Anywho heretofore day 13, only one notable African personality is an unfair to me. As I write this sentence have not yet decided to write go with H.E Paul Kagame president of the Republic of Rwanda or H.E Abiy Ahmed Ali Prime Minister of the Federation of Ethiopia. I think I got the names of the countries they lead right. These two are not just politicians, they are leaders of not just their countries but the world. President Kagame has been invited to address G20 and Prime Minister Abiy is a Noble Peace Prize receiver.

If you were here writing with me you would help me decide, who would you select? Have met Rwandans that hate their President and am yet to meet an Ethiopian in person who likes their Prime Minister and I just don’t get it. If I was the president of the Republican of Uganda I would employ these two men.

I feel like am cheating now, let me go with H.E Paul Kagame. Why him given Rwanda and Uganda are at a relationship low that nobody talks about in public. Selecting him could be a risk on another day for being a spy. Paul Kagame before he was president participated in the bush war that brought the current Ugandan government into power and he was key in intelligence for the rebels then. He was also tasked with uniting the various rebel groups to form one formidable one that took power in 1986. How comes he is then the President of Rwanda, he was a refugee in Uganda then. After the war it’s believed he went to the USA for military education and when he was there the Head of the Rebels organization in Rwanda was killed and at that time the genocide started. He gave up his education at one of the best military Academies and he come to save the day, of course not like a superhero.

The reason why I would want to meet H.E Paul Kagame is not because we would have a conversation in Luganda but his desire to have an Africa free of Western Aid and the Unit of Africa. He ended the use of French in Rwanda because other East African countries use English and it has worked for them advancement in the region.

H.E Paul Kagame has in the past and still argues that

“Africa needs to mobilize the right mindset, (like the one behind the Winter African Blogging Challenge) than more funding”.

He says that in

“Africa we have everything we need in real terms”, which is very true.

The current chairman of the East African Community Mr Kagame say

“whatever is lacking, we have means to acquire and yet, we Africans remain mentally married to the idea that nothing can get moving without external finance”.

The man has said it boldly and publically that we even beg for things we already have. And said

“that is absolutely a failure of mindset”

Who in the their right mind would not want to meet and talk to someone who reasons like that. This whole blogging challenge has manifested intent of a free Africa, from blogger to blogger. We all know we are under some form of colonialism up to this date. In building a free Africa which everyone taking part in this challenge even by just reading is doing, a meeting with H.E Paul Kagame would be a big contribution to the strive. Am not against foreign aid but like H.E Kagame am critical to it.

If this prompted is there next year, it will be Prime Minister Abiy, if he is still the head of the political Capitol of Africa then since he has an election soon.

20 thoughts on “Notable African Personality who and why

  1. I really have enjoyed this challenge! It is incredible getting into people’s minds through these articles. And yes, ‘a prophet is not honored at home’ would be the befitting proverb for these two men.

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  2. I also admire the mindset that he has development in Africa by African for Africans. We beg yet we have everything, platinum, gold, good soil even, name it we have it but our leaders…

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  3. This right here is the bitter truth. The truth that we are not allowed to say.
    May God remember Africa and her people 🙌🏽

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  4. Paul Kagame has done Rwanda well. The technology, the improvement of livelihoods, the use of funds…from what I’ve seen, he has done His people well. Rwanda is a beautiful country…our Wakanda

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  5. Interesting choice. Rwanda has become the tech hub of Africa and the improvements in the way of life especially in health care is to be applauded

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  6. In my opinion I feel he’s no different from YK M8-1 so I thought you’d probably honour our Messiah 😂😂😂😂 but well you chose to scratch his relational wounds instead .

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