An event in African History

So we have 10 days left of the Winter African Blogging Challenge 0f 2020, yesterday was insightful, another day to show how small Africa is and I noted some words from other parts of Africa that are also in Luganda or Ganda language for example Hope from Zambia talked about a bird called Nkwale, which bird we have in Uganda too. Anyway today is not a review of yesterday. But I must note it was nice seeing new proverbs in my own language and country as a whole.

Trying to scan my memory of an African event to write about today. The release of Nelson Mandela, the independence of Zimbabwe, the independence of Namibia. These are all significant for blacks but I have only read about them. I would go with the independence of South Sudan but we all know what happened after, the end of the Rwandan genocide will be a story for another time. The Arab spring, am not proud of the outcomes but it really shock the world. In the last decade Africa has hosted very many events on the continent but I will take the FIFA World Cup in 2010, if you follow football or soccer you must be wishing Ghana had scored that penalty but all in all it was a beautiful moment for us.

It was the third world cup on the continent since South Africa had hosted the Rugby and cricket events before but who cares about these, very few of Africans identify with the sports I must admit even if am more into them than football. But every open space on the continent you will find kids both boys and girls kick a ball, with mothers chanting for them. So the football world cup was magical.

I will not write about the all tournament, I will take just one game, Ghana vs USA was my best game, but it will not be it neither the final even if I loved Spanish football back then. I will go with that, that is in the minds of everyone.

So June 2010 I borrow an estate Subaru automobile, fill it up with necessities to take me on a 5 days journey from Uganda down the equator, I have saved for one game
“world cup tickets are expensive, normally got on black market”

Starting my journey through Kenya, then Tanzania to Zambia, then Zimbabwe ending in South Africa taking 5days. Then make it to Soweto for the parting and on 11th June making my way to soccer city for the opening ceremony.

“That moment was just enough for any African”

If I go one to describe the opening goal of the tournament am certain I will not stop. Putting the corruption that is cast on the event in a manner of putting a knee on the necks of Africans, it is one event we have to own. We conquered the world, hosting the world cup in a winter season was special in itself.

I have gone with a sporting event because it’s such ones that unit the world. And in 2010 Africa slapped them in the face because most of them Worship and supported apartheid against us.

10 thoughts on “An event in African History

  1. Football unites , even when I wasn’t so into football at home you would find us all hurdled infront of a screen cheering as if we had relatives on the pitch. World cup was always the best because supporting African teams was a must. This brought memories thank you for sharing.

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  2. Football is a language. A universal one. It brings countries together, in one place, in a global village.
    Great read Benjamin

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