Brand I would love to represent and work with: Afrobloggers.

There are many brands out there in the world, they have been build over year’s and everyone admires to be part of them. But I have also noticed its hard for someone to stay for 10 years. Look at Google, Facebook and Apple. There employees don’t stay for long which tells something about established brands. Then there brands like CNN, BBC and Al jazeera that keep workers almost till they die or became to old to work. Because they allow individuals to be bigger than the brand but while the brand stays relevant to the world. But all these brands are not African and they don’t even have African values at all.

In the past Bloomberg, Forbes, BBC and a few others have set up African extensions that are setting the narrative of the continent when it comes to economics and politics because there benefit from them. These African divisions to be candid are not connected to real Africans, they know to the elite and us close to the elite. They don’t tell the African story.

If am to chose a brand it would be Afrobloggers, I would enjoy representing and working for them. Can you imagine 90 bloggers and 10 countries. They are all over the human realm since we are having those from the diaspora as far as Russia, Hong Kong, the Scandinavian and Western Europe if you have noticed. It’s not just Africa. If you fall the Afrobloggers page on Twitter you will find African Americans who want to associate with the brand and the Caribbean islands, have noticed Jamaicans comment and engage with us.

90 bloggers and 10 countries and there is no financial facilitation involved. This one reason why Ugandans don’t feel like showing up, even those that get zero retweets will ask is there some (ka) money. Imagine if Afrobloggers was to grow and this passion continues because the community is way more than 90 bloggers, the 90 are creating content almost on a daily basis but there are more in the stands reading and advising.

These bloggers take on every aspect of society, from fashion to money management, financials and economics to ordinary story telling and woah the poetry, we have YouTubers and podcasts, animator and movie makers, novelists. They are teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, CPAs, economists, photographers, wedding planners. They are friends, mother and daughters, Father and sons, sisters and brothers. They are as ordinary in every sense of the word and love Africa.

Who would not want to work with such a pool of people for a better Africa. Afrobloggers have the credibility and authority to name the African of the year. Not some guys in a boardrooms in New York and London. With all the book reviews and TV shows and movie reviews Afrobloggers can recommend Academy nominations. With the love of this beautiful continent with strong willed people Afrobloggers can be a watchdog to the IMF and world back. They can contribute to the ffairing African Union and all the regional blocks because they have the reach and are knowledgeable about the continent. That’s why I chose them over Forbes and Adidas or the BBC.

The African story and narrative must be protected and preserved for those to come, and this brand has laid grounds for that.

49 thoughts on “Brand I would love to represent and work with: Afrobloggers.

  1. Never thought someone out there really understood what Afrobloggers is trying to do, but the way you have captured our mission and vision so well has really touched me Benjamin. I will be in touch with you to see how we can work together going forward. Your passion is there for everyone to see!

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  2. I was reading this like, yes, this is the kind of thinking and passion we would love to be associated with!!!


    PS Benjamin we are now at 96 bloggers and 11 countries and still growing.

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  3. I’m new here and i know little about afrobloggers but the passion, ambition and ideas in your message had me want to take up pens and do the bloggers equivalent of armed struggle. I like it. So much potential in bringing together smart people.

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  4. In the spirit of upholding Africa no more than
    the truth in this message. Thanks Benjie …
    AfroBloggers will come through to have you..surely.

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  5. I don’t know the vision of Afrobloggers in its entirety but you are seeing beyond what we see. Yes to everything you said, Afrobloggers changing African writers narratives. All the best in running with the vision ✊🏼

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  6. Wow, wow and wow. I’m having those proudly African moments. This is indeed a worthwhile brand. And of course, we love the Tshirts 🤗🤗🤗

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