Four social media accounts I follow, and what I like about them

Greetings from Mukono Uganda, it’s day 9 and here we are. So day 9 is a tricky one for me because to me social media is mostly about people like me, like you without verified accounts. If you are reading this chances are high we follow each other, you inspire me, you challenge me, you build me do to pick just 4 is a real task on my bit.

Am a huge fun of Twitter one place where bloggers come to happen upon and get to know each other through reading each other and get into discussions that are always interesting, I like Instagram because I have a thing for photography and since Instagram is connected to Facebook you can post onetime on both using the former. Apart from Linked In other social media platforms don’t really do it for me, when I comes to relating to people like you. WhatsApp and Telegram are online texting aids.EaLT3mIWkAAg7f9

So my pick four the four social media accounts I follow and why will be for starters the reason am writing today.

  1. Afrobloggers on Twitter @Afrobloggers
    They are numerous accounts on twitter that claim to sort of guide African bloggers but in reality they are not for us, they don’t have African values at heart like the Afrobloggers. Most have none African interests. So I follow Afrobloggers zealously because there I won’t miss what is happening in the African blogging circles. We all know how they conduct their postings. They will encourage you when there is a need, advice you when you are off track and they pump me to write and be innovative in my space. I have met very many nice souls through interactions and they are my number one account to follow.EaLT3TXXgAE6pbF
  2. George Galloway on FACEBOOK
    So he is a former British Member of Parliament currently a contributor to RT. He is one of the few people who were against the Iraqi war and all the reasons he stated then come to pass, nobody listened to him. I was young to listen then, I would not have been able to do something maybe but no as humans we always have a part to play and ours is writing. Galloway always seems like a radical to mainstream media but the man has his facts. When the USA killed an Iranian general and then the 1 million people that followed George said it would be the end of USA in Iraq and since then the USA military has start parking, given the almost daily attacks on their military bases. One has to go watch his submissions on the black live matter and what is happening now.EaLT3CgXsAADhZj.jpeg
  3. Modern love by WBUR and The New York Times
    This one is a podcast, I don’t know if podcasts score today as social media. I subscribe to about 90 of them,  I listened to about 50GB this lockdown.  So if you are lover of love then you will like Modern love. It’s lay out is simple every episode they have some read out an essay about love, the writers push love to the limits. And the essays are not read out by the original writers. So the reader explains in their perspective and then the original writer if still alive contribute too. You should all check it out. I have done a blog about it if you saw the 36 questions post.EaLT35fX0AEybUN.jpeg
  4. Sofar Sounds on Facebook
    Am taking Sofar Sounds over Get lit words ignite. Am not taking music over poetry no. Sofar Sounds offers both. If you have attended a Sofar Sounds show before you must know what am talking about. To get to the ordinary show that happens once a month in Kampala, I hear in other cities there are more than 1 show. We apply online and then they send us a venue which keeps changing if we make the guest list and then get to enjoy live music. But this lockdown we have been able to attend Sofar shows all over the world on Facebook and nothing beats live music. They make my list because I love people who can actually sing without computers aiding them.
Those are my 4 accounts I follow, I have left out sports and fashion may be next time there will be a special prompt for them.

Am looking forward to day 10 and the weekend so that I can read those that I have missed this week.

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