3 things I wish African content creators could avoid

Each day of the Winter African Blogging Challenge has been a learning occasion and I am very certain day 8 is going to be the same that puts me on the pressure to come up with something extraordinary making the activity a real challenge but what’s one without laying back. But things to avoid are no light thing because these are those that make us.

Meanwhile, before I forget I feel ladies are doing a duck on the gentlemen in this blogging challenge, it feels like Wakanda is real with the writing warriors matching through June. If I made your list of the 5 am honored, I will stick to the values that got me to your lists. That was a by the way but it’s one African content creators should look up to.

For starters, I loathe those content creators that are in the business of buying Internet traffic, they literally manufacture followers in a way that is not organic. You can’t have 2000 followers and you actually have less than 10 reactions on a post of your blog. So I wish you seriously avoid generating numbers in a shoddy way because it will catch up with you at some level. This is not the same as sharing a link to your blog rigorously. It’s through sharing that people get to know your blog.

African content creators should avoid having money as fuel. To make money from one’s content they must have established thethemselves or made it. We all need money to survive but content creation should not be made so cheap because then, in the long run, the money will disappear because it was not real. So African content creators should not be motivated by money. It will kill the sector. So how can I earn from a blog when you have never put out a single piece of composition, should be avoided also.

Lastly, I wish African content creators avoid not knowing what African content creators are doing. If you only care about your blog or podcast or youtube channel and you don’t know what is happening in your circles you will not last. Content creators should not be withdrawn or form a wall around their world. Follow Africa, own Africa carve out your own Africa through collaboration and dialogue.

Not being consistent to create is not critical at all. If you post once in three months it’s fine. But avoid my three don’ts.


20 thoughts on “3 things I wish African content creators could avoid

  1. Content creators with bought followers we walk around owning the internet as if they have arrived, ignoring everyone then calling themselves influencers endorsing products and views they don’t support or use our even like.


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  2. The part of creating internet traffic has a ring to it, and how I wish it wasn’t true. Thank you Benjamin watch for sharing your thoughts. It’s an intriguing article to learn from.

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