Hospitality from Turkey by Kermundu Martin

It’s Tuesday and am having a guest writer called Kermundu Martin. Let me tell you how this all thing fell together since have been looking for guest writers and in the past have only had one Ugandan, so Zimbabwe is still leading in providing guest writers to Benjamin Watch. Martin is a new friend I met through another Martin Agaba, and one day he told me a nice story about a place he had visited. So I told him with such an experience in my case I would have to share it with the whole world, and I told him about blogging and how people around the world share personal stories that sometimes became viral, but mainly I emphasized the storytelling and sharing. What makes the story stand out is that we are confronting the demons of racism and right wing nationalism around the world today.

Kermundu said “am not a writer” then I had to tell him how I also got caught up in this writing world, the fact which keeps on surprising everyone who knew me before 2016. He told me the idea of creating his own blog sounds hectic. I kept pushing till I told him I can have him as a guest writer on BenjaminWatch but next time he was doing his own blog.

So here is his story

We take hospitality and niceness for granted, but there are few situation that we look up in our memories and then it hits us so hard for not having been able to appreciate those that were truly hospitable and nice to us.

Today I want to tale a tell of how I didn’t appreciate a gesturing of hospitality and niceness that was extended to me when I was thousands of Kilometers away from home. It was a cultural shocker that am still trying to snap out of till today. I think that’s why I did think of thanking these nice people in the first place.

So I went to Turkey for a work benchmarking exercise to one of the companies that supply us at work. One evening after work there was this dinner that marked the climax of the whole exercise but I decided to skip it because I wanted to attend a Rotract fellowship so that I find a partner to work with back home in order to give back to my community in West Nile, Zombo district. After making my mind I set off.

Where can I start from about the Turks, for starters I thought they were just strange when I got there, “like who stops strangers on the street for a cup of tea?” coming from Uganda Turkish tea turns out to be a luxury and classy for a certain group the elite of the country and here I am on a European street people stopping me to offer a cup of Turkish tea, it’s a bit different from the Turkey on Al Jazeera of the proud leaders of the Arab world.


I had gone to Turkey for a work assignment and then decided to attend a Rotract fellowship and on my way to the event I endured a rollercoaster of events because I could not locate the venue of the fellowship. I had asked Mr Google and he did give me a place but I got lost on the way and I spent about (150tl).

Meanwhile simcards are so expensive that side that I gave up on buying one and stack to using Wi-Fi and till when I got to a wrong hotel a stranger in the lobby assisted me with the Wi-Fi and also allowed me use their phone to locate the actual venue since the fellowship had been moved that particular day to Sheraton.

I took another taxi and headed for the fellowship and when I got there, the president of the club was waiting for me and he actually awarded me for being late and confused since I had done my best to make it. At the end of the event I was advised to use the subway which was only 4tl. wp-1591642158478..jpg


With that drama aside I was out site seeing and then, I wanted to take a photo not a selfie a real old styled photo so I asked strangers to assist me and they told me why do you want to be in a photo a lone, they did insist to join in and we had a few shots and actually ended up taking a selfie this was happening in front of a beautiful Turkish mosque, like one of those we watch in the movies.

They are still nice people out there in the world no matter the color of their skin. I have thought of something I can do for the people of Turkey in return of their niceness and hospitality that I found very deep in this world we live in that seems so ugly most times. I just want to look for these strangers and offer them land in Uganda free of charge, I want to show them how nice Africa can be too in this world that is filled with too much hate yet a lot of niceness is missing. I have a sizeable piece of land back home and am thinking about a forest plantation in the honor to how I was treated when I visited Turkey.

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