5 bloggers in my country

The prompt for day 7 is the hardest so far on my part. I try my best to know bloggers in Uganda and encourage others to blog. Since all have our stories to tell. So the bloggers that are making my list today we not on the list I put out on the 27th of April during the Uganda blog month when the prompt was “My favorite blogs”, the reason I didn’t include them was that I had just discovered them, they have a lot in common, like their enthusiasm for blogging and quest for information, they are very interactive and they are going places. I wish we were allowed more than 5 places but I know they will be a day for that.

So her we go

1. Joy Mbabazi
2. Winnie Malinga
3. Khanani Daniella
4. Ms Abigaba (the procrastination queen)
5. Justine Love Nuwamanya.

So they all did a piece about becoming on day four of the Winter African Blogging Challenge and am very certain it’s their first time to take part but they have left their marks all over, am sure they have commented on some of your blogs.

Some a new to blogging entirely and some are seasoned only that they have been on the dark side of the moon making them new faces on the Ugandan blogging scene.

So today I a public holiday in Uganda heroes day fitting for day 7 of the challenge.

28 thoughts on “5 bloggers in my country

  1. Thankfu to have come across these amazing bloggers too.
    Amazing bloggers.
    Today will be a challenge for me. I don’t really know a good number of bloggers in my country. I know more Ugandan bloggers than I do Zambian ones. Uganda should just adopt me already 😄

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  2. Thank you Benjamin for always supporting us 💛
    Hihi ‘procrastination queen’ I’m sure you’d forget my name but not that 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awww Benjie the supporter of all writers African. You inspired man, to promote other blogs, read read read and encourage.
    You’re a force to reckon with and I’m glad I got to meet you through these spaces…
    There’s only one way left to go right? Up!
    Such an honour being listed..

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  4. Benjamin, I am most honored to be on your A list. Thank you for lifting up bloggers in Uganda and beyond. You do us proud.

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