Lessons from Social Media

Social media are websites and applications that enable us to create and share content or to participate in social networking. But they go beyond social networking because there those that are career-based. Today is day 6 of the winter African Blogging Challenge and it’s also the start of the second leg of the activity. Well come back from the weekend, I hope the reading gave you energy for keeping on.

My four lessons from social media are both good and bad but I don’t know which one to start with. Anyway have always been critical to the gods of technology but I also know how important they are to human society. The Internet was around for a while but it was social media that made globalization real. So of the memorable events, we’re #BringBackOurGirls and today #BlackLivesMatter.

Social media is a fountain of opportunities, people have found love other jobs others also other associates. Today exclusive clubs are run entirely on social media. Of it was not for things like Twitter how would I find the Afrobloggers and then go on to take part in this activity. Social media has taught me not to be too withdrawn from the world. And that everyone has a contribution to the society in their own way. Before they painted on stones, today we have social media to preserve our life for those to come after us. So we can use it to the best of our advantage.

The Internet doesn’t forget, this mostly correlates to the last post hunting the present. Before dirt was brought forward in form of tapes or claims to influence the present but today the first thing human resources to is punch an applicants name on various social media sites to find out who they are hiring. Kevin Hart recently failed to host the Academies because he had tweeted in the past something sensitive about sexuality and Chris Rock ended up taking the role. Am not perfect but I try to make sure I don’t post something that will kill a gig for me one day.

Cyberbullying is real, I have personally got into social media battles, there times they get awful. I used to take on people who attack me an fairly, you can feel it when it’s post healthy criticism. But later I realized these are just bullies and I just have to ignore them. Other people have actually gone through worse and some are no longer with because of the hate out there. As am being downbeat towards tweet I make sure I don’t push the line to come off as bully or make the other part feel bad.

Social media can lead to crime, the world around us can at times be dark. There are stalkers and all kinds of messed up people. Some can be helped other I don’t think they can change. There crimes that have been determined on social media. You use your real name, people truck you down to research and then you are a candidate for kidnapping. People’s houses have been broken in because a bad person noticed your are posting from the mall or even on vacation meaning you are not home.

I may have listed down the critical one’s mostly because today am being pessimistic but for the right reasons.

8 thoughts on “Lessons from Social Media

  1. The one about the internet never forgetting is very important I have seen people get into trouble over a careless post from years ago
    Social Media is a tool and like any tool it can be used to build or to destroy

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