My Class Day 5 Winter ABC

So am posting this a bit late because reading day 4 was an extreme sport, even those that held back gave away too much and provoked thoughts since reading someone for 4 days constantly brings little fractions of them. And let me not writes day 22 yet.

I will start day 5 with an upper school talk, that which is not part of the class but the students need it. So here we go.

If you ever have a son or have one already make sure they have their first beer with you or the match of activity. If you ever have a daughter of you got one already make sure they learn how to drive from you or the equivalent. I personally acknowledge that if we have a connection with those lives we bring into this dark world, it will be a better place.

So, class, I have a fear, the thought of it makes me anxious. And that is the fear to be a nobody. In this case by nobody, I imply freedomless, it’s not even an actual word but a serious possibility. Having no liberty to do the basic things for a human being.

So what is freedom, because when freedom is suppressed in most times the suppressed are being protected by those locking up the freedoms. Or today we would say those kneeling on the neck. Which is always striking. If we go around the world freedom like genocide don’t have a universal definition.

The price for freedom is widely life particularly in the case when it’s lucking. If you ever feel you are not free to do that which you desire, like to worship, to love, to play, to communicate, or write then you should be willing to exchange your life if need be.

Freedom is also like water because it can take on very many forms. Today you fight and get this tomorrow you want something else. There was a time when women wanted the rights to vote, but when they reached that they went for equality even when they were not sure of what exactly they wanted. So as an individual as you want to be free to do something remember it won’t be the end.

When a people find freedom there is another people that suffer, when the Boers gained independence it was at the cost of African, when the Jewish state was formed the Palestinians lost statehood, when America was being established Africans were taken as slaves and the Native Americans butchered to form the land of the free.

Today am among those advocating for climate freedom, but deep down I know families will have to go without food because the green revolution has things that needed to be worked out.

Have you thought about the reason we don’t have Eritreans and Ethiopian in the WinterABC, they could be busy fighting for the freedom to roam the Internet.

There are very many freedoms that we still have to attain for example education for all, to protect those we love or love the way we want. Not forgetting financial freedom which is a hoax in most cases since its led by bankers who are the definition of greedy.

Hope my class made sense, as the first leg of this blogging challenge ends.

I someone out there is still struggling to be free you no one is free.

19 thoughts on “My Class Day 5 Winter ABC

  1. Freedom! I’m enriched. I found this very interesting as I remember a poetry anthology from a Zimbabwean poet and freedom fighter Freedom Nyamubaya. She tiled the anthology On the Road again, hinting that life is an endless river of struggle

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  2. “As you want to be free to do something remember it is not the end”

    Its striked me to explore more on freedom.

    Thank you we all want freedom in one form or another

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