Of my favourite local food

I don’t like eating a lot and have tried to see a professional about it, but it’s mostly because most foods have a side effect on me and many other things, an effect I don’t mean gaining extra weight but allergies. Eunice, by the way, I love ice cream but I do it for three days and the fourth day I have pimples. Spices are really nice but my body can’t stand them.


Then I have a phobia for some foods like porridge because I saw it nearly kill a reckless kid when I was in school (it can really burn) and for fish, I fear the bones because they too killed this girl in the neighborhood back then I was staying with my Dad and brother and he would try to remove the bones when he prepared fish so I don’t eat up today if am not with him and my young brother too. But despite that, I have a favorite local food.


So it’s posho or Ugali, I like it with pork and anything green that doesn’t kill. About my allergies by the way, those that have come to know me say “if does nothing to Benjamin it’s fine” they normally let me shower fast to test the water in a hotel. Am get off-road……so posho most people from Central Uganda hate it, because of school for me it’s maybe because I never had it in school till the last two years before University.


For me my choice for favourite local meal is about how I feel after eating, with posho I don’t have to consume foodstuff all day, one meal is all I can really manage. It really settles in well and I don’t feel like eating after a meal.

I believe posho is eaten everywhere in Africa even if maize was just introduced to the continent from America, but posho is actually the maize flour and it is prepared by mixing it in hot water or milk and you keep on boiling it as your mingle it till a hard form is achieved, it tales some bit of strength and skill.

It’s the only thing I consider to be food, cooked meals are not my every day thing but if am having one then ugali it is.


38 thoughts on “Of my favourite local food

  1. This will be interesting to eat. I believe this meal in Nigeria is called Tuwo shinkafa, eaten in Northern Nigeria.

    But you didn’t tell us, which soup you eat with. I may wish to have a trial.


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  2. The curious case of Benjamin..

    I keep getting surprised at how widespread maize meal food is across the country… I shouldn’t be, but I still am, for the longest time I used to think it was unique only to us.

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  3. I love this too. We call that ‘ubwali’ or ‘nsima’ here in Zambia. I hate to say it but I can’t live without it.

    Is there a post about your allergies. I want to know more haha

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  4. If Benjamin is fine then it is safe to eat😹😹😹😹😹I wish I was extended the same privilege instead I was seen as weird😹😹😹🙉
    Nice read.
    Posho I do not mind👯

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  5. I ate too much posho in boarding school and got tired. I can only eat it if it is the only thing available and I am starving to death. Now about those allergies….hahaha. Bravo

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  6. This reminds me of the joint near my mum’s place called choma zone. Famous for goat meat and ugali with sukumawiki. I like it with pork too. Great combo.

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  7. Hats off for anyone who can love posho in a country where its cliched to be hated because like you mentioned we go through so much of it in school, my relationship with Posho is platonic so I guess we hang though i can’t say its my favorite…….on the side though, once read an article in which this guy created a word for fearing fish bones and he called it osteoichthyophobia

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  8. So this post at first had me at, this is so me and my many allergies… And for sometime I thought you would never pick a favourite..hihihi. However this is such an amazing insight in our local dishes. Thank Benjamin.

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