The Main Goal of Benjamin WATCH DAY2

Welcome back from day one which was the first leg of this challenge, since you have to read other blogs I will not waste much time of your time let me go to the principle of the day. Benjamin WATCH is a personal blog, there is however pressure to step it up to a movement of some kind. The main goal of my site is the reason I write. Having said that it is not one goal. They are set that make me pick up a pen again and again.

The main goal is to preserve information

In the past there was salt, then Ivory and then gold and then oil and many other things that have shaped the world, now……… it’s information. My site is about the future where information is going to be the next gold rush, it’s going to be the most expensive commodity and I want to create my own information center to have an impact to the future.

My methods are to question every question, to provoke thoughts, to say the unsaid for example Africa has no control on the Nile because it waters are for irrigation in Israel through the peace canals a system of pipes running under the Suez Canal.


To provide information to all those who can access the internet for free. To address issues that are ruled as taboos like the forms of feminism, one article that had people in my DM telling me they will never read my blog again. To connect to the world through word and at the same time addressing issues close to my heart and humanity calling out on the apartheid in Israel and the need to rethink democracy.

I want to preserve information by telling tales of ordinary people, nobodies like me without blue ticks and diplomatic status. Every one with words and they communicate, then they can write so my goal is to inspire the world with ink in the event my word are understood and appreciated.

If you read my blog and then go do further research then my goal is archived.

Till tomorrow. Now let me go read about the main goals of your site.

21 thoughts on “The Main Goal of Benjamin WATCH DAY2

  1. Amazing. You’re blog is so full of knowledge some times I think I’m underperforming 😂 but it’s an inspiration. Thanks Benjie. And I love the new look of the blog. 💃🏾💃🏾

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  2. Questioning questions always leads to novel ideas as answers have to come from the deep recesses of our minds…weldone, it was great knowing the reason why you write

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  3. I see how you play with controversial themes and thought provoking leads. I like reading your blogs. But I will be in your DM soon too.😁

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  4. In a crazy way our goals are similar as I read this, I was nodding my head thinking yes, this is it… If I hadn’t posted my goals I might have been tempted to borrow a tiny bit of this 😂😂

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  5. Not at all. I’m all for intellectual discussions. I’m always learning something I never knew from your posts.

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