Introduction and Commitment Pledge

#WinterAbc2020 is a blogging challenge open to all African Bloggers, podcasters, video bloggers, and even photographers and I think I will take part as a blogger but am open to podcast invite give I started one that has only two episodes so far. Anywho that is not the reason I am writing this blog. It’s about my taking part in the Winter ABC challenge this year and am proud to say it’s my second time, I say this with a ton of excitement, excitement to write almost every day, excitement to read and meet new bloggers from all alcoves of this vast beautiful continent and grow as a blogger. The secret to a blogging challenge is that your blog grows in every aspect.


I am Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu of Benjamin WATCH blog, one that questions every question and pushes the limits of information and knowing, commit to take part in all the 22 days of the WinterABC 2020 as a writer and a reader of all other blogs that will take part in the challenge. I will comment, praise when there is need, encourage and critique honestly. I will read you even when you don’t read me.

I pledge to stop blogging in the event that I don’t actively take part in the blogging challenge as a writer from Uganda and reader most particularly, a reader of all your works and Lister and watcher. Nothing will stop me, not even cutting the Internet cable in the oceans.

I am looking forward to all you Africans out there that are going to take on this glamorous challenge of storytelling, teaching, and making your digital footprint. I will be there all of this special June, it’s my second pandemic in my lifetime however much SARs didn’t materialize because WHO made the announcement to early then and now we are blaming them for making the call late. Whatever happens, blogging must go on.

Why it’s called winter challenge is that it originated from south of Africa where is cold this time of the year. It’s a special challenge that comes with many opportunities, I for one am still riding on fuel I gained from Winter ABC 2019. At the end of June after reading someone for a month your somehow figure out people because you get a chance to know their ideology and writing style which is how most of bloggers speak in actual life. Your know their potentials, you lead and unlearn, the exposure to new cultures. The spike in readership numbers. And most importantly the community that comes along. Africa becomes a small village and that is what am excited about.

18 thoughts on “Introduction and Commitment Pledge

  1. This is the energy we are here for Benjamin!!!
    Its only midday and I have already met several awesome bloggers cant imagine how many more by the end of the day or the end of the month… you are so right about it being a time make new blogging friends and get a feel for their writing voice and seeing how people tackle the same topic bringing their individualstic flair


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