When doubted and discouraged

There are those times we wake up and decide to move on after a period of contemplation to move on from a job or change career, it could be moving on from a bond that could be a long time lover or just a friendship or a business association. We could be also moving away from home to start our own lives. When we are on the aisle of moving on there is one thing we are or should be certain to face, that is doubt from people, even those close to us and those who will never know which side of the bed we face when nightfalls. They will all doubt us.

According to science a human brain is fully developed at the age of 26-27 depending on one’s upbringing and what they have been exposed to along the way. So by fully developed I mean being about to make sound decisions not 18 when we are allowed to drink and drive and vote. So when someone doubts us and makes an effort to talking us out of moving on it can be agitating and discouraging especially when adulthood is just beginning be we seem not able to have what we want willingly even with the gift of free will we have from the giver of life.

Over time I have personally come to learn that people doubt our decisions for numerous reasons, some justified and good, some bad and many can’t even be interpreted. So today I want to make an effort and talk about this all thing, it is going to be an emotional write up but, but with a purpose to my conviction and I hope you make sense of it after you read it. I won’t wait for someone else’s approval to address an issue that could be out of my scope.

We actually don’t need anyone’s go ahead to start something we think will bring happiness, happiness is all we live for. We don’t require someone’s moral support at all. All we need is exactly move and jump into whatever it is we are longing for. If we wait on someone to give us the green light then it will never come. Over time it’s has been engraved in our imperfect behavior as humans to tend to think lowly of each other and we don’t give the best of moral support. We ourselves will and have doubted others. So act, be weird and persist then on the road we shall find those that see us differently with sentiment as per our steps.

In life opposition is a must, it’s even beneficial to some amounts. If Nelson Mandela is criticized up to this moment me being one of those that didn’t admire his ways that I still reckon to have brought humanity somewhere however. Then who are you not to be opposed. In a normal situation opposition is base on what we don’t like about something or someone and in most cases it is on the outlook of things and people. So if people have a natural hate for you before even knowing your favorite color or flower, they will stand in your way because they think you can’t attain an form of success. So we should expect to be opposed in bad faith and good If we want to move on just because we don’t appear to be capable.

Always remember that now is the best time to start. The plague has given us some tough lessons. Things will not always be the same, so if you wait for someone to approve your moves, it may get too late. So let’s we not waste time pleasing those that bloody doubt us and think nothing of us.

Our personal worth is and will always be more than those that are set out to judge us, like they have the standard unit for life. So please move on to the next thing you are craving to do. We are in the era of Meghan Markling and no one should disregard your capability.

We should be calculated to allow other people’s discomfort to influence our private feelings, we shall only reach as far as they did if we always listen to them. The talk of “I don’t have a PhD but am doing well” is ludicrous for lack of better way to put it. Is there any factual truth in what they say or they are being humanly emotional. So let other people’s fears not be the authority over us moving on.

It could be that they mentally see things with a degree of limitations, meaning that that if we have a diverse mind set from theirs then you are devil set for distraction so they forcefully discourage whatever move you are trying to make.

There is a dilemma of those close to us, the one we least expect to discourage us, will and may also think short of us because of our past failures which could have been engraved in their sanities permanently. They may doubt us again and again. But if a person brings up a past mistake in regard to our bid on moving on they are not a good person. They did not forgive you and that means they didn’t forget in fact such ones even their prayers are not heard, they are toxic however close they maybe to our lives, they are not for us so they will doubt you and will be a hindrance to moving on in life.

There are those that will discourage us out of love and care. They may think that what we want to start, move on to is not realistically practical maybe because it’s not accomplished, but we all have to make our own mistakes to enjoy life, for those that have heard of the story of King David at some point he had someone’s husband killed so that he could have her, it was bad but he learned from it and he made things right. So no matter the misfortunes and hardships that come along the way if we are convinced that we need to move on to find a level of contentment, even if we don’t know where we going we have to take the step an move on.

2 thoughts on “When doubted and discouraged

  1. Wow, that’s a load off your chest. Hope you feel better. Discernment of who is truly for you and who isn’t is key. Sometimes even those who are for you won’t always say what you want to hear.

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