African Federation/ United States of Africa

In one of the Star trek movies, in Hola a TV series, in the novel Odyssey Three by Arthur C.Clarke in 1987, A French Beninese Film Africa Paradise in a setting of 2033 and even a 90’s cartoon Bots Master there is a sticking resounding issue of Africa as a country. True it’s all fiction but for productions like Star trek that have gone on to inspire real space travel that I even find more complicated than the dream I have and I share with many today and those from the past of Africa as a country, another U.S.A United States of Africa, or a The African Federation I also can’t rule out a possibility of an African Republic.

Imagine the African Navy sailing to the Caribbean to protect African interest in the far West, that would mean that we are permanent members of the United Nations security Council, it’s not fiction because there are many and strong factual reasons that Africa can by 2100 be a super power.

It’s logical for one to have that negativity about this One Africa thing because of the many bottlenecks that are evident today, mostly stemming from leadership question that have gone to bring about problem after problem as Museveni Put it that the problem of Africa are those who don’t want to leave power, African leaders only work to stay longer than giving time to development structures, including the issue of regional integration that will in the end lead to an African federation.

Given the example of the European Union that was started 60 years ago from a position of more relative weakness because it was a product of the second world war and today even with the problems its facing it has achieved alot especially avoiding the outbreak of another war since the E.U suppressed the European demons of nationalism and many evident achievements like house they have dominated and influenced world affairs. From that view point Africa is in a better position to have a better Union since we even have a prototype in the European Union and United States and by 2100 it is most likely to be a reality.

The former president of Senegal Abdoulaye Wade saw the African state as early as 2017, the late Muammar Gaddafi thought something could be reached by 2023. African Union was fathered by Marcus Garvey in 1924 in his poem Hail, United States of Africa and then came the Pan-Africanist movement that was started by those in the diaspora but all this foundation was lost when things fell apart for the Africans realized independence of the various states that somehow came too soon, the timing is the best explanation for how fast things went wrong for Africa.

Africa is a more of a painting of turmoil today but there are also factors that would make Africa a supper power only if it was on Country. The proposed African State would have the largest total territory even bigger than Russia Federation with its 11 time zones, with 20% of the land on Earth and 70% of Asia, also 3 times of Europe. That would be enough land for agriculture and mass industrialization of various sector, setting up sea ways into the continent to interlink the water bodies and drainage to facilitate transport and irrigation to foster the third biggest economy in the world.

If you are into start up wanting to make it big in whatever business then the target market is Africa alone to make you a billionaire. According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) Africa has the youngest population with an average of about 19.5 years of age, this is a big stat for consumerism.

The population of Africa is biggest resource according to the Commission of Population and Development things look good in numbers when it comes to human resources. Today Africa stands at a population of about 1.2 billion people and that’s 16% of the entire world population. India is at 1.31 billion and China at 1.37 billion people that gives the Asian a numerical advantage but we have to also note that in 1990 to dated Africa has undergone a population boom since back then the population was only 640 million people and that is an indication that there are factor that have brought about the double which must be positive. The same UN population agency estimates that by 2022 African population will be at 1.4 billion people and at that time India will be at 1.39 billion people and 1.38 billion for China.

By the year 2100 African population will stand at about 4.4 billion people that will indicate 39% of the world population then. That will also make the largest army, a wide and diverse market and every big cooperation will be setting up an African wing with African work force producing for for Africa and the world.

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs puts Africa at 7th largest economy in the world today with $ 2.39 trillion GDP Nominal, the continent’s GDP per capita Nominal is $ 1,992 per year and with reduction of corruption it will only get better. With 90% of the platinum, 50% of gold and diamonds, 33% of Uranium Africa is headed into supper power status if that country is ever realized, after all Africa won the second world war with the Uranium used in Japan form came from D.R.Congo but the credit to the source of Uranium was hidden. Anyway war is not the main issue here Uranium is also a source of power that would be used to power up industries and the domestic electrification of the ever growing population of Africa.

Ethnicity should never be fronted as a problem for Africa’s integration. If you are thinking of the almost 3000 languages spoken then we should also think of countries like South Africa that has 11 official languages.    Africa can have at least 6 official languages, today 17% speak Arabic, 10% speak Swahili, 5% Hausa in west Africa, 13% speak English, 11.5% and 3% French and Portuguese respectively. The issue of languages is really not a big issue.

Unlike Europe and Americas we don’t have a religious problem with since Christians and Muslims all stand at 47% each, African traditional religions 10% and a growing number of Atheists who number up to 2%. Africans are also good at having two religions how its done is a question to be looked at some other day.

Which city will be the capital city of the African federation or United States of Africa ? That must be Addis Ababa, for long it has been the political center of the continent. Then there are about other 10 cities that can take up financial centers, education, Space stations, military centers due to the already developed status they enjoy in terms of infrastructure like  Lagos, Cairo, Kinshasa, Johannesburg, Khartoum, Dar es salaam, Alexandria, Abidjan, Algiers Kano among others. Africa has a blue print to make a great power.

According to the World Health Organization HIV/AIDS rates still stands at 11% of Sub-Saharan population and this be a focus point if the African state issue is anything to go by.

I don’t see Arab nationalism as a big issue if I go back into history and remember the main members of the radical Casablanca Group that advocated for a United Africa against the negative minded Monrovia bloc. For those rich African countries that think the poor ones will pull them down its just time for them to realize what is at stake.


If Africa is to avoid re-colonization not just neo-colonisation then by 2100 the federation or African republic should be put in place, it’s evident through human history that only the strong have with stood time and its not the case with Africa that has new states as young as 1 year in the North and also the cases of Somali Land.

For one Africa.

Africa 1

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