One Way Love

Love from one side, or one way relationships are all around us. They some became marriages but nothing good comes out of them. They a live that one way street where traffic flows to one direction and when one tries to move the opposite side head on collisions lead to fatal accidents. So love flows from one end and it’s not returned in the bid for it to grow the opposite side one day.

One way relationships are those always having a “potential” in the mix of it, that friend who is just right to spend your days with. They know this since your companionship is a free one. They too let you know they are not ready but will be, because of current situation, or a shadow from the past they are trying to overcome, sometimes it’s just the timing. So the giver of love hopes and waits since they are determined to get their prize in this case.

There are always things unique to love from one side, in most instances the person at the receiving end of the relationships is a dark sheep in the community. This is what makes it special and intricate because the one loving risks to get near and in the process they see beyond the perspective of the rest. They are able to see the goodness in the one’s they pursue, it’s like a super power to observe what the world can’t and feel what others will characterize as crazy.

Love from one side will evolve into a thing when one party starts to look at the arrangement as something that they like it to be, somewhat than something that it is completely at the moment, and the one receiving the admiration will for maybe calculated reasons play along because they are taking away something tangible or intangible like accomplishing emotional support or materially. In some cases they are not even sure what they are taking away or why they are there in the initially.

I can’t say they are in love, I can’t refer it to as some kind of love the way romance should be know by the gods. You can’t be in love with an individual who doesn’t love you the same way. It’s basically an understanding or a pact. There are actually cases when one way relationships have come with paper work if there is a lawyer or an accountant in the blend. All you know that you will grow to love or someone will grow to love you back at one point.

In this type of arrangement, the one Loving regardless how logical they may strive to prevail will have a cloud over their judgment that on lookers will refer to as blind love. The strain of being the fixer to the admired, seeing past possibilities and trying to be a benefactor materially brings about a state of hope in the unidentified relationship, which is emotionally draining.

One way love will or in most case hit rock bottom, and the road comes to end. You are giving your love to someone who you hope will come to terms with themselves for your undertakings and they are giving you a promising outlook but some souls only get worse with time. In reality they are not even going to battle at all for your souls sake at all. As the joke goes “it ends in tears”. It becomes stupid for the one side lover to take the lead in making the cherished better and sheltering them became pointless.

If you have read or heard about Jesus Christ, then you must know a teaching in which he said you have to cut the tree even after applying manure even under it when it doesn’t produce any fruits. Likes wise in a one way relationship there are signals that the road has hit a dead end, where one has to stop painting over the stained walls for strong faith and hope. When the red flags get redder. When everything starts coming to light. When you need someone and they have gone their ways. For example how do you resolve conflicts and other issues that come up in your relationship.

At the point of cutting the tree that is fruitless we think about the time and efforts we have put in, we think of society as though it was a threesome and think about both the families and the friends that come to be because of the two which is a reasonable thing to do but it’s no longer feasible. The adored will not care about your thoughts and they can’t be condemned for no being able to grow to love back. So we have to keep in mind when to walk away from the goodness, we switch off the love like it’s some sort of program and look at things the way. Which will sting, and hurt very much. There are no shortcuts.

However much it may be hard and uncomfortable, if you stay in this kind of relationship it will be more than wrecking in the long term. One will end up emotionless or numb, and stop feeling for the rest of their days under the sun. Which is dangerous for humanity. You just have to be steadfast and stop putting effort in the relationship and the individual. What transpires after will be your verification and will pave your way to jumping the ship.

When you stop loving a little bit harder and fixing a little bit more, you abdicate any little security in the relationship and switch off your love, then you will open up the way for your someone, the really someone. You will put an end to the turmoil and disappointment of being lonely when you are in love. You free up your heart to let in others. Your time and energy are accessible rather than keeping around where you are not wanted or will ever be wanted. We have to be loved the way we love.

To all those Meghan Markling from toxic surroundings.

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