Religious or Political Views Apartheid

In every blogging challenge, there are days when a writer will be judged for their opinions, sometimes they are not just judged but the readers never come back to read your work if you are so bold, day 16 is one of those days in the 21 days #UgBlogmonth challenge and the prompt Is religious or political views and am taking on both at once.

For thousands of years, religious views have set the narrative for political perspectives, and for thousands of years, political views have shaped the religious narrative on this planet. From the days of the Caliphate expanding to as far as Spain or Andalusia as they called it in the spread of Islam, then the Church waging crusades in the Middle East and trying to control the perceived holly sites and also the attempt to destroy Mecca.

Again we can’t downplay the role of the Church in the events leading to both world wars, the whole of Africa was colonized on the basis of religion, and kingdoms and civilization were brought to an end. Today the middle eastern is divided on religious lines, one side the Sunnis led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Shia led by the Islamic Republic of Iran. We have seen ISIS and the Lord Resistance Army in Uganda also grow on religious lines with political objectives. Rwanda has put a measure of blame to the church for the genocide in 1994 and they have put the evidence on the table before.

There is one political view that is built up on an interpretation of the Bible. It’s a gross crime and many believer in Christ don’t want to admit it. Christians especially the evangelicals don’t want to hear any one say these things because they claim “the Jews who don’t believe in Jesus Christ the son of God” that are at the same time God’s chosen people up to this day.

In the year 33 C.E., the fleshly nation of Israel lost its claim to be God’s chosen nation when it rejected God’s Son, the Messiah. The Messiah himself put it this way: “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets and stoner of those sent forth to her . . . Look! Your house is abandoned to you.” (Matthew 23:37, 38)

God’s Sons utterances came true when in the year 70 C.E., when Roman legions destroyed Jerusalem along with its temple and priesthood.

With that the religious view and political views are mixed up when it comes to the issue of modern Israel and the none existence of a sovereign Palestinian state. Since am querying the status of the freedom that Palestinians have in their stateless or countryless situation I will be dubbed anti-Semite a word that describes hate for the Jews, they are the only group of people in the whole world that has a word that describes hate for them, but I don’t hate them.

Because of what Europe, America through Adolf Hitler did to them, they have gained the right to mistreat the Arabs in Palestine. With the backing of born again Christians in the USA and the world over, since I see the Tel viv flag in local churches in Uganda to.

During the second world war for countries like Britain to give refuge to Jews during Hitler’s bloodbath they had to become Anglicans first that was a condition, again that was religion setting the narrative for a political settlement then.

There is overwhelming evidence that the system instituted by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people meets the UN definition of Apartheid. So a religious view gave birth to the demon that Africa knows to well.

In effect, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory constitute one territorial unit under full Israeli control. As of 2016, of the total population of people that live in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, around 6.45 million are Jewish Israelis and about 6.41 million are Palestinians.
Under Israeli law, and in practice, Jewish Israelis and Palestinians are treated differently in almost every aspect of life including freedom of movement, family, housing, education, employment and other basic human rights. Dozens of Israeli laws and policies institutionalise this prevailing system of racial discrimination and domination.

Segregation is carried out by implementing separate legal regimes for Jewish Israelis and Palestinians living in the same area. For example, Jewish Israeli settlers living in the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank are governed by Israeli civil law, while Palestinians also living in the occupied West Bank are governed by Israeli military law.
Israel carries out various acts that are prohibited by the UN Apartheid Convention including:

● Forcible transfer of Palestinians to make way for illegal Israeli settlements.
● Preventing Palestinians from returning to their homes and lands.
● Systematic and severe deprivation of fundamental human rights of Palestinians based on their identity.
● Denying Palestinians their right to freedom of movement and residence.
● Murder, torture, unlawful imprisonment and other severe deprivation of physical liberty, especially of Palestinians living in Gaza.
● Persecution of Palestinians because of their opposition to Apartheid.
In 2009, an international team of legal scholars functioning under the auspices of the Human Sciences Research Council in Cape Town, South Africa published a study called Occupation, Colonialism, Apartheid? The study deduced that the Israeli state has compelled a state of Apartheid on the Palestinian people, in that Israel is guilty of many of the practices and policies of Apartheid identified in the Apartheid Convention adopted by the United Nations in 1973, and that these acts together constitute the “integrated and complementary elements of an institutionalised and oppressive system of Israeli domination and oppression over Palestinians as a group; that is, a system of apartheid.”

The study noted that Israel has implemented all three of the pillars that characterised apartheid in the South African context, namely: (a) the categorisation of the population along racial lines; (b) the segregation of the population on the basis of this categorisation into different geographical areas allocated to different racial groups; and (c) a system of laws and policies that subject the Palestinian people to extrajudicial killing, torture and arbitrary arrest and detention, as well as sweeping restrictions on Palestinians’ rights to freedom of opinion, expression, assembly, association, and movement.

As the renowned Palestinian scholar Nur Masalha ent, in fact, understood that there were actually people already living in Palestine. However, they chose not to see them as full human beings worthy of rights equal to Jewish settlers. I take the issue personally because a hundred years ago at when the Jews started planning for a future state they had three locations, Argentina, Uganda….yes our Pearl of Africa and where they are now. They very much still have interests in Uganda because they were overwhelmed in South America, this I will tell another day.

Next time I will talk about genocide and religious or political views. This is marks my end of #UgBlogMonth, am dropping out here as I promised.

22 thoughts on “Religious or Political Views Apartheid

  1. Wow Benjie. I’m honestly very impressed.
    You’ve detailed the history from about 1700 that’s very brilliant!
    I love it. Some things I didn’t know honestly.
    The human rights violation in detail. 👏🏾
    You should actually publish this in a newspaper column one day.
    Amazing. Can’t wait to read about the fusion of genocide and religion with politics.
    I’ve personally engaged with the Rwandan genocide history but I’d love to engage with your mind too.
    Amazing piece

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  2. I was glad I got to read this because wow!!!
    From the flow of your ideas you are clearly well read on this.
    This is a post that needs to be up in the Guardian or something. I totally agree with you on some of the posts and in the importance of questioning things that are presented before us.

    This was a lovely read and definitely a great way to climax the challenge.
    Bravo 👏

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  3. This was an insightful read. I agree with Daniella and Fiona, we should get it published because the amount of detail and much needed information in here🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽well done…what a way to crown off #UGblogmonth👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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  4. What a read! Thank you for educating me. I’m not a great history enthusiast but this was a gripping read. Some chilling facts there.

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