If I Could Get Any Job In the World, which one and why


Whenever am taking on a prompt for #UgBlogMonth, I look at the case of the given day for a while then stare at my blank page, before I start to type I look at it furthermore then I eliminate ideas of how I should lay out my write up so now I will go with a job that the worlds best have failed at, it has been held by Kofi Annan, then Lakhdar Brahimi, Staffan de Mistura and currently by Geir Otto Pedersen “SPECIAL ENVOY SYRIA” if I could get any job in the world. A job that no one has been able to perform and am sure I would also fail at it because it’s not for man to direct his own footstep, you know where I am getting that. I would choose it over and over again no matter how many times I would fail.

So a Special Envoy of the Secretary-General (SESG) is a senior United Nations official appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General to deal with a set of specific issues and in this case Syria. Since The United Nations favors the full execution of Security Council resolution 2254 (2015) and the 2012 Geneva Communiqué, through its facilitation of an inclusive, credible, sustainable, Syrian-led political solution to the Syrian conflict, that fulfills the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people to dignity, freedom, and justice based on the principles of equality and non-discrimination.

The turn out of events in Syria, I strongly believe is a shame to all humans on Earth. One reason is that we all cheered the Arab Spring as it unfolded. The current Syrian question is one of the most complex issues that the world has to deal with and I like challenges, so I would want to perform the job for 3 years and then give up, you never know.

In school, I majored in Procurement and Logistics Management and am currently on a journey to become a fellow of ICPAU, But with my enthusiasm in geopolitics and of course a lover of humanity I would be modified in a short period to take on an assignment in international relationships. There is a school of thought that diplomats are by blood because career diplomats tend to bring up children that are fit for the role but have also seen military men make the best diplomatic moves meaning anybody can.

Ending any crisis even of just two kids trying to fight for toys is always demanding but satisfying in the end, the former UN envoys to Syria have communicated their resignations in tears but have afterward bragged about their accomplishments and set the stage for future plans. I would like to contribute to that too, to grow peace. I would love to try and move the various elements to try and make sense of what is happening.

When Kofi Annan commenced the role in 2012, the crisis was different and his initial 6 point can’t work now. We have since seen ISIS and Obama wo started the all Arab Spring is long forgotten in Middle East Strategy for the greedy Americans, Russia and Iran have become key players that can’t be overlooked. Israel needs to be brought to the table because it’s neighbor that benefits from the Syrian crisis since the Jews prefer a middle east in ashes. Syria has always been ruled by the Alawite Islamic sect that the Sunnis are trying to downgrade so the Gulf that has been sending weapons has to be key in talks with there Shia Parisian enemies.

As a Special Envoy to Syria I would use the formation of the P5 +1 for pre talks but I would not bring it to the table, as an imperfect African the AU would be a guarantor and South America, with the USA taking the back sit, Russia would keep their life time guardian function.

I would also relish the stress and the screaming from Arabs waving gestures in a room trying to come to a pact in the name of peace and all the pretending to care for the people over enriching individuals. The other reason of course is the money and the status that comes with a diplomatic role like a right of way and tax exemptions.

Syria has seen phenomenal wreckage and exile, blended by the transgressions of international law, humanitarian law and human rights law, entailing the use of internationally proscribed chemical rockets and all this need to end at some point so I would choose the job and do my part.

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