Missed out on day 8 of #UgBlogMonth so I am back to do day 9 and then 14 and 16 and I will incline the challenge. Anyway, today is about my favorite blogs, not sure if it’s the same as favorite bloggers. All in all, I am so mixing this up. First, there are those bloggers I think are not supposes to be ranked because they are blogging deities of some sort like Ruth Aine, Patricia Kahill, Pearl Gihora, the late Nevender and the likes of Roland Byagaba and Pru Nyamishana, bloggers that you can google and get pages and pages of results, bloggers that employ other writers to write for there self-made writing conglomerates. They started the blogging community in Uganda and have gone on to put Uganda as a blogging power in Africa. That indicated I will tell you my favorite blogs now.

I will kick off with Mugabi Patsy of Justifiedecstasy.com, if you have not had about her yet am disappointed and I think you are living in the yore. She writes about almost everything, at least over time she has taken on various topics from Cancer Awareness to hair and fashion, she does poetry some times and she has a nice Youtube channel that you should check out. She is currently doing a blogging project about finances which is timely because we are headed for the worst financial crisis ever. She is always willing to help out whenever I reach out to her making her ordinary. She I one of those young people I look up to. She is shaping the blogging narrative in East Africa in her own way.

Martina Kia of Kia Nation [kiamartina.wordpress.com], over time I have come to learn she is a vet and some of her topics include animals but she like me to write about virtually everything. From love to sexual harassment to inner beauty. She is your typical personal blog kind. I don’t remember going to her blog and I don’t feel nice after a read. In her writing, I think she is funny too, I can’t really tell because have not met her in person.

Lisa Romans Awori of a Birds View [lisaromans.wordpress.com]. She is another of my favorite, whenever she drops a new link to her new blog I run so fast to go catch whatever she has done a poem or an interview with a lady doing boda boda business. I feel she is a skilled storyteller when am on her blog, there is one post called letting go that I can’t get over yet, she has figured out how to make blogging medicinal as Yanni did to music. Your data will be worth it if you check her out she is surely going to join your list of favorites.

Then Fiona Laker of Tales of a Curious Mind [lakerfiona.wordpress.com]. Fiona’s blog kinda keeps on evolving, she has written about Christianity, she has written poetry, she has done fashion and she is also for women. She is also another of my celebrities in blogging. She is a medical student but she finds the time to write, she is not so regular but when she does she will get you thinking.

I don’t know a fashion blogger who is as consistent as Humura Ruth of Zee Humura [zeehumura.wordpress.com] She is always updated with the local and international fashion trends, she has cut out her lane and I pick her as my blogging darling because she is really doing good. She also has the most consistent podcast in Uganda, that I am dead sure about. Because of her podcast, I now take part in certain discussions and the ladies wonder how I know. Her work is also informative for me.

On a certain Sunday I discovered Sophie of akitcheninuganda.com and I was surprised she was from Uganda her lane is cooking, she too has a nice blog. Then there is Mable of Mablesrants.wordpress.com and Kadali.Bartlett of Kadaliblog.wordpress.com, She has been around before but she is I think lay back these days, not as active as she was before 2018. Nikki_zw of humanityboss.blogspot.com is a new one I have just discovered and I didn’t turn back. She is also a photographer and her work that side is better than her writing I must confess but she also does a personal blog. Tanaka of Passion Victim Blog is another one I discovered on a Sunday when she had taken over the Afrobloggers twitter page. Not sure where Rudo of Basic Girl Blog comes from but she too has a nice blog.

Sehli Ncube of Sehli Chaotic [sehlichaotic.wordpress.com], she is a workaholic, have worked with her on a blog, she is very hard working. Her main area of blogging is mental health since its what she studied in school. She is among my new favorites have just come to discover and I have since enjoyed her work.

Moving on to Tanzania there is a lady called Eunice Tossy of A Bible girl [abiblegirl.com], it’s a faith-based blog but she does other topics like affection, the romance kind, she is also an activist for the poor and she has questioned the role of NGOs in Africa. She makes my favorites.

Bolaji Gelax of Gelax Chatroom [gelaxchatroom.com] is the only Nigerian blogger I follow day to day, she is not the only one from there but she stands out in her own way. She writes about everything about her country, her life than other topics that trend on the continent.

From the Diaspora my favorite is a lady from Zimbabwe staying in Russia for her education Simphie Thoughts [simphiethoughts.wordpress.com] she is one of the boldest bloggers from the continent, she takes on ordinary topics such as feminism, politics, bad economies, emotions in a way few people would do. She sort of rants but she is informed and honest. She is special.

KoffeeKween of heyAnci [heyanci.wordpress.com]. She makes book reviews cool and you will want to read the book, she also does write-ups about cooking. She has written about her life in school, her neighborhood and she is funny too. She is among my favorites from Zimbabwe.

Namupolo of Unfiltered Thoughts [inkedquilsandscribbles.blogspot.com] she is from Namibia, I don’t how many bloggers from there that you know about. Hers is more of a personal journal, she would come off as controversial but that is her thing and it’s beautiful, it’s always reading from her.

Beaton of BecomingTheMuse or Uncle of bloggers, to me more of the guardian of African blogging. His efforts to unit African bloggers make him a mythology of some species, if we have fifty Beatons blogging would be the most prestigious thing ever. On his blog, from blogging tips, to the movie reviews and the social-economic status in Zimbabwe you will always unearth something funny in his blog posts. Zimbabwe is lucky to have him.

Let me end with Josephine Amoako of Josephina’s World [joseyphina.wordpress.com] from Ghana. We all know her, she is the biggest blogger on the continent and her most famous work is “If I were a boy” series. But she has other articles that you read and you feel the words on the bones.

The list for my favorite blogs has to come to in end because there are so many great bloggers out there. The next time I write in June it would have grown to include the new nice bloggers have come to meet during the #UgBlogMonth.