#UGblogmonth Best relationship advice

With today’s prompt, I feel like running, running so far away from it as I can. When faced we as humans are faced with tough situations we either flee or fight. I since have started I will fight. The prompt does not specify if it’s bloggers’ relationships or parents’ child or acquaintances or amour. Anyhow there are vast amounts or relationship advice I would bestow on the world after sipping like 10 beers. That could be a joke.

“best relationship advice” Is there like threshold

I will go or start with communication. If you are to uphold any kind of relationship then you have to talk, not a one narrow lane exchange. I since I was like 6 I have always alternated between my parents so I learned that talking is very important, just talking for long times and I think I can’t be conclusive but I know we have a good relationship and if we shut out ourselves in case of a disagreement or miss understanding which is often because we can all get assertive sometimes we have to talk and listen at each to get back to terms.

If you are into are relationship, talking amour now you have to be free with each other. For starters, the only way you can truly come to know, appreciate a person is through long beautiful conversations. When we are dating we normally go about it the wrong way, at the café, the drinks and food will take center stage at the movies you will want to follow the plotline, at a rugby match passion for the sport sucks you in. Being together can be amazing because of the quality moments you share together but are you really listening to each other and talking to each other.

When you talk matters, it’s better you get time to take walks, I don’t encourage drives I personally can’t have a real talk when am driving even when am on private property where there is no traffic to disrupt me. Stroll in the forest where you feel comfortable, where you can create your own galaxy and then talk about everything, don’t make a talking plan jjust open up and taLk. Then revelations will be made and pledges, arguments will fall through and pass.

I encourage phone calls and texts but just to check on each other and make arrangements to meet and have a substantial face to face communications. Through texts, you can’t really express each other well unless you are both writers and are used to each other’s works and styles of compositions then maybe you can communicate through texts that a well-articulated like short poems, this is even ideal for parents and their children.

We live in the world where we don’t end up with those we love but those that, the people around us think are good for us for reasons like background, social and economic reputations, and political and business connections, if you are in such a relationship then you have to treat it as a pact of some sort, there are no sentiments to hold onto but just reasons. But these are not numerous relationships of this kind but I can’t under look what I have seen.


On a low remark, keep the ones who gives you a second chance, because they don’t abandon those that mean the most to them. They recognize that you are going to make mistakes throughout the relationship. They understand that you are imperfect and so are they. The one’s that believe in your potential to change. Hold onto those. This I learned when I messed up one time.


Lastly, before am off to read your sides of day 7 of #UgblogMonth. Don’t be in a relationship as a favor for the other party, you are worse than the devil if you take that route, if you have questions walk away for humanity’s sake. Basic good relationships make the world a better place.

6 thoughts on “#UGblogmonth Best relationship advice

  1. I agree with you entirely about phone calls and texts. I am of the old type- I need to see the face and other gestures. Before the COVID-19 physical distancing, a handshake can say a lot about someone.
    Communication is extremely important in any relationships even the birds know how to communicate with each other.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Your post had me suddenly humming to that song “talk and talk and talk” by weasel and the late radio i think. But yes communication is so key👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 thanks for sharing

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