What I do for Self Care #UgblogMonth

Day 6 is when we start giving away those bits that get people speculating things if not judging, blogs take on the original form of personal journals like they were two decades ago. Self-care can mean many things. But let I give it a shot. If you take it may of self-care is about the well-being and happiness of someone then this is how to go about it.

Self-care is basically living, we tend to think about it when life gets think, when work, the world of academia and family have a toll on us we start singing hymns of self-love. Why is bad for those around us because we on one part become self-centered and selfish in every sense. But if self-care is part of our lives from the start then we shall never need to make it some form of mode we need to get into.

I personally lost control of my life when I went into the work world after school, life became work and I lost footing for everything. When the window opened which at the time seemed like a bad thing I jumped out, even when I didn’t know where I was heading. I tested office life in a place that had a lot of pressure and when I look back at the environment I disclose that people were losing their sanities.

Since then I put my well being first, I know we live in a dark world full of greed that leads to most of the wrongs happening but I have to be happy in whatever I do. I try my best not to be stressed. For my physical therapy, I do sports out of the 19 or so games the rugby team am part of plays I will make sure I pay 50%, and I also make sure I make it for 70% of the training sessions. The training intensity does it for me mentally. I sleep well when I train since sleeping is very vital for personal well being. I don’t have many close friends but I enjoy the team bondings basically beer after the game.

I also read a lot to keep aloft mentally, it’s not good to read things that one understands because it makes the brain lazy but when I want to relax for my welfare I read basic articles and books, not academic papers and political findings those have their space because they can be stressing at some point.

Talking and sharing with others about spiritual matters is one of the best ways to be happy.

A safe space can be a person or an activity or place. Well, mine is a place and an activity at the same time. Swimming pools, I have to find time for an evening other times a full day of being in the water, when am gliding away II find peace and feel the final frontier for life, it’s like I go to another life dimension where I am alone.

Then the lone dates, in a café or bar if they play rock nights. Being a lone and watching strangers gives life another aspect.

Putting myself in the shoes of others, I mean normal ordinary people. Taking interest in other people’s interests and struggles. When you think about what others are going through your appreciate life and you light up with a level of happiness.

Lately have also tried to Meghan Makel for a while, I can’t afford to moving to a new land but I can go away for awhile, to make people realize my value and on my part to be away and offline away from the world.

I don’t wait for bad time to self care.

9 thoughts on “What I do for Self Care #UgblogMonth

  1. Haha ayaaa your first paragraph of the blog is exactly what I do! I remember to give myself a break when the world gets too loud! But you’re right, it should be innate not programmed. Nice read Benjie 👏🏾

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  2. Swimming is a good one👌 and yes we shouldn’t wait for things to get worse before we can self care. It should be as paramount as breathing🙈 thanks for sharing:-)

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