A Day In The Lockdown #Day5

Unlike most of you who dread being alone am the opposite, I spend about 70% of the day alone even when I stay with people, at the moment we are four in the house mum, my little brother, and a cousin plus a new dog. We are all loners. By default, we get together for the news at 19:00hrs and 21:00 even after the television has been running the whole day with international news. That’s how this lockdown has been largely, done with the post for day 5 of #UgblogMonth.

The only constant in my lockdown is reading the Bible, after that my lockdown gets random, I will stay in my room and read my daily subscription from the economist which is only 3 articles, then the New Yorker and Haazert from Israel which I hate but have to read. In Uganda we don’t have newspapers just tabloids so for Ugandan news I count on mum screaming “did you read this” and am like “no tell me about it” then Joseph supplements. My cousin, she is the radio person if she is not watching Nickelodeon the other channel that runs in the house, she and my brother have to keep up with children they enlighten since they are teachers. My brother started a school this year so the cartoons are now guests in the living room. Movies at home are strictly after 22:00hrs, Netflix has proven to take a lot of internet data running on a smart tv so it has to wait for the weekend when Africel sells relatively cheap internet.

This lockdown I have played a lot of video games, I like playing Dream League with my brother via WI-FI which is free on android. I drive trucks which are time-consuming because the programming of the games is actually timing and distancing.

I sleep late at around 03:00hrs but automatically at 05:00hrs am up and I start my heavy metal playlist which is mixed with indie music and new age. No one at home aapproves of my playlist till Enya and Yanni roll towards the end. After that I go tend to the dog, she only listens to me the rest don’t know when to be tough on her. I like listening to Podcasts in the morning in the kitchen when am cleaning the dishes of when am washing my clothes which I never allow to accumulate. I have about 90 podcasts I subscribe to so I never run out to what I listen to. I read mostly at any books app and I have two versions of the app, I read more than one book at a time depending on my moods.

It’s only when am reading when I try to be offline, otherwise, I have to catch up with the world online I read a lot of blogs and I share what I read afterward even if I disagree with the content when am on Twitter I end up on WhatsApp and youtube and I have to check out the photography on Instagram. The main challenge is keeping in shape physically so I do badminton with my brother in the evening if it’s not windy since it’s an indoor game, playing outside can really be an extreme sport.

That’s basically how my lockdown days go, I write in there when I get switched on to write, am not your ordinary essayist, am self-taught so my writing routine is blurry.

Being alone is a technique. And, just like any other abilities, you can get good at it with discipline. I want to suggest that sharpening this technique now can help you get through the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of dreading being alone, you can tilt into it

Even if am proud to be a loner social distancing is brutal. That is it. We have evolved over a long period of time to take comfort in one another’s sight, so when we’re separated, it hurts us on a physiological level.

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