Lessons from the COVID-19 PANDEMIC #Day4

Day 4 of the #UgBlogMonth, I wonder how far of the 21 days I have covered in terms of percentage performance. And today is about lessons of a crisis we are still experiencing but compared to Italy and New York we are just in the pre-stages of the crisis I wish we don’t start because the way America is putting out death toll numbers it’s like they are compiling points. Anyway, let me start off with what I will probably tell my grandkids if I go past Ugandan’s life expectancy for men which is 39 years for millennials.

Where this virus came from doesn’t matter, what matters is that it’s here and we have to deal with it as humans, not rich or poor, female or male, gay or straight and whatever color our skins are. When the virus claimed a minister in the Iranian Cabinet and then the British Prime Minister was sent into ICU it became clear that humans are equals like no “animal is more equal than others”. This is not forgetting if I live, because Uganda, in reality, has not reached the pick of COVID-19 because it’s not yet here.

It’s funny how all administrations even those that are assumed to be advanced however much their systems of governments are outdated, find themselves in uncharted territory in dealing with a virus this enormous. Like our Uganda, the United States has no testing capacity as per their population.

I just did a blog about the possible effect of COVID-19 on employment, a lesson to take from the pandemic is that job security is a myth or even fiction because at the moment anyone can be jobless in the next 6 months from now. No asset prevails over life at the moment they are useless and taking a serious valuation dent. Someone is going to say the land is a safe haven, but it’s not even an asset because it does not depreciate like other assets in accounting. The card of growing in price is laughable because money loses value making things like land look like they appreciate in value.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed that when a crisis emerges there can only be one authority, the legitimate one. Ugandans now know who leads all of a sudden. The yellow umbrellas in Hong Kong are looking at the communist leadership in mainland China. There no more yellow vests in France every weekend. Israel has no opposition and the wars in Syria and Yemen are automatically becoming cold for now meaning everything is possible.

The ensuing pandemic has also proved that what Greta and her squad have said about reserving the effects of climate change are true and apparent, cars have only been off the roads for a short time and factories lowering carbon emissions and the skyline is clear already. The pandemic sent us hiding and mother nature is relishing. There is always a positive when you take a critical look.

Countries must work to assist each other to ensure no country is left backward, sharing information, knowledge, resources and technical expertise. This one reason we are after every blog that has anything to do with the virus in the title. Actually, the internet has proven to be very useful, in fact, technology, in general, has left backstage in every element of our lives. All over a sudden we were reinstalling Skype and adding Zoom to the apps we now value.

I have personally learned to aid and protect health care employees through a simple tweet. The mental status of everyone is key at the moment so am trying to be kind whenever I can.

But the biggest lesson so far is that nothing is going to keep up the same, how we live is going to change. From social behavior to monetary discipline and future political decisions.


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