20 Facts about Zeno Othieno Owora #UgBlogMonth

The Twenty random Zeno answers.
Since I don’t own a blog, I will take a chance to borrow space from a friend to join the 20 days of blogging. If you really ask me about 20 things about me, the answer will be abstract. Let me go on from here.
1. I started off Zeno Othieno Owora Thomas Sankara on May 11th 1988. Nsambya Hospital, born prematurely setting off a lifetime of compromised immunity that included childhood meningitis and regular bouts of illness have dogged me to date. My parents are the Late Sophos Othieno Owora and Ms. Connie Etyang Emuria. Both are natives of Tororo district.
2. I grew up all over the place. Naguru, Gulu, Mbarara, Tororo, Madhivani Estate, Mukono Namanve where I am temporarily shackled.
3. I am the first born of 6 children. From 4 mothers. That said I am not the model first born.
4. I started school at Holy Rosary Lacor, transferred to Ntinda Primary School, Budo Junior School, Ntare School and finally Kyambogo University.
5. I am an avid reader of many books. I now prefer electronic copies because they make sense and easier to acquire. I don’t need a bag to carry books. My favourite book is Sport by Tim Harris.
6. Sport is my life. I have played quite a number the most successful being soccer. I have won more medals playing soccer than any other sport. My favourite sport is Basketball. I could have been a shooting guard with defensive skills to defend down low and pound Bigs. I once scored 4 goals in Seeta Holiday cup as my team Kisiramu won the trophy earning my only individual accolade in 2005. I led my University Hall to success in Table Tennis and surprisingly Chess. In Budo Junior I was touted as a promising marathon runner. Times change.wp-1587493334057.jpg
7. No player has represented more Rugby clubs than I have in Uganda. Pirates 2, Summerkamp, Saracens, Tigers, UCU (2009 Uganda cup), Buffaloes, Mongers, Warriors, Barbarians, Jinja Hippos in Rwanda. Briefly trained with Rhinos never played. Now in a small role at Kyambogo rugby club. I have won one medal playing rugby the 2011 Varsity gold in Ndejje. Some analysts say Kyambogo won the gold medal for the Varsity League but never got that medal. I have coached Ntare Rugby twice in 2013 East African games and 2018 national school games and Kyambogo College between 2009 and 2012.wp-1587493334013.jpg
8. 2004 is the worst year in my existence. I survived that, I can survive anything. Taught me to trust only one person. Yourself. Not even your Parents got your back. That is the year that shaped my character.
9. My favourite music is good music. I still believe Lady Mariam and her hit Tindatine wasn’t appreciated enough. Emali by Afrigo gets me dancing anyday, anywhere.
10. I love alcohol. Uganda Waragi and Bell Lager are my poison. I am not so dismissive of others though.
11. I am an atheist. Well an invisible guy in the sky solving problems through a book of fiction is over the top. Yet they call me mad.
12. Ntare School is the place that has impacted my life the most. Let’s say I saw the dark side of humanity and the best side of people. A place of extremes.
13. My father has been the biggest figure in my life. Our turbulent relationship has set a lifetime of me trying hard to be the opposite of him. I drink, he was sober. He was a civil servant with communist leaning guess why I became a businessman.
14. Loyalty for me what you give is what you get. You are dishonest, I will play your game and beat you to it. I believe in debt repayment and never get sentimental about people. I walk away from relationships easily and rarely apologise if I am sure I am not in the wrong. I would rather kill the wp-1587493334086.jpgfriendship if I am right than backtrack.
15. I love privacy and hate sharing spaces like bedrooms and toilets. A night on my bed reading or examining my thoughts is the best. I hate TV in equal measure. I am a poor sleeper and prefer rationality.
16. I love travelling but never take pictures of where I have been. I can talk about it but never pictures because I am not photogenic.
17. I am dating. It is the hardest experience of my life. Counter life measures are new to me. Planning for two is hard. I wish to have a single child since crowded families aren’t my thing.
18. MONEY is everything. That’s that. Simply because I have money to buy something doesn’t mean I can afford it though.
19. I want to win a continental trophy in the next 7 years. A challenge for my 30’s. I am talking to a top flight club to join the management committee. I believe I will provide invaluable work and a life goal.
20. You must have a political opinion. I don’t tolerate people who are apolitical, I accommodate dissenting views but those with none, I totally don’t accept. Political opinion is the basis of society.wp-1587493334100.jpg


  1. I just like your reading habit and the effects on you.
    The first time I met you via business, set the first impression.
    But man, you sporting and coaching experience are quite phenomenal.
    You should really get that gig on that committee you mentioned.
    If they don’t see the results stated above, I don’t know.
    You are set for big things.

    Thanks for my man B.Kavubu for giving you this space!

    Liked by 1 person

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