20 Facts about me Day 2 #UgBlogMonth

When I was running through the topics, when they were posted on the Ugandan Blogging Community day (2), seemed like a real challenge. I was thinking and talk to my self, “you need someone to tell you what they think about you”, I knew the answer to this already most people passive me to be arrogant and emphasized or overly assertive that I make people feel bad about themselves. But that is other people’s versions of facts about me.

I asked someone close to me how I can find out only 20 facts about myself and they asked me “are you looking for a job in the lockdown” and so had to remind them about the #UgBlogMonth and they ended up working out facts about me and here are the 20 I managed to establish.

1. I am a qualified procurement practitioner, it’s what I majored in at the University which I don’t like. But it a reality

2. The hobby that I could never give up is rugby for presently, I rank it slightly above swimming.

3. I have one (1) dog. Her name is Piper she is two months, she replaced Missi who died at the end of January of this bad year at 12 years.

4. I have seen or watched “A Walk to Remember” 34 times. More than “Sound of Music” and “Pretty Woman”.

5. I support Arsenal Football Club and have done since I was 10 in 2003.

6. I was born a preemie at 8 months, I belong to the Purple Ribbons fraternity. Ice breaker there.

7. My non-alcoholic drink of choice is coffee

8. My alcoholic drink of choice is any Stout

9. My favorite subject at school was history at the Advanced level.

10. The thing I find cosmetics, they make breathing overwhelming

11. I can cook the most amazing rice mixed with Irish potatoes

12. I can stay underwater for 1 minute and 10 seconds, if am not activate

13. I hate the smell of fish.

14. I’m most scared of heights.

15. I can’t stand the sound of people talk on the phone for a long time in public.

16. People who have inferiority complex issues really annoy me.

17. My favorite color is white.

18. The most romantic thing anybody has ever done for me is a sing a long.

19. I have been a best man at friends’ weddings

20. I don’t believe in love at first sight.

The thing with blogging challenges have come to learn in the last few months is that you can’t avoid to give out yourself as you write. With these 20 little facts I hope one can have an idea about the person behind the Benjamin WATCH tagline.


  1. Great your blog. Sometimes it gets so open that your life gets vulnerable.
    I don’t believe in love at first sight too.. sometimes it’s a question of how much I know the person. Otherwise it doesn’t work for me.

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