Why I write Day 1 #UgBlogMonth

Last year on the 5th of June 2019 I addressed the question of why I started blogging, which is close to today’s prompt for #UgBlogMonth. Why do I write? It’s a serious one, how I understand it matters to the existence of my blogs. Since I have two now.


My answer is still the same, I wanted to share this information that was somehow hidden from normal people. Like Israel’s interests in the River Nile or how the Syrian Civil was about the energy economy of the world. But through the three years of putting out content more reasons to write have come up.

I am not a writer am a blogger a storyteller and preserver of information in a way so it has become central to why I keep writing about everything through all means available. I write because it’s also a hallway to shape society but am not an influencer however much sometimes I want to set trends and own narratives.

I write to have my own perspectives about the world. I write to connect to the world and honestly, it can get beautiful otherwise how would I have come to take part in the #UgBlogMonth challenge.

I write to tell my personal stories sometimes which the world seems to associate with. I write for my readers who visit my blog from time to time. When they ask you, Benjamin, “when are you putting out your view on what is happening or that”, then I find more reason to write.

I also thought about a future where information is going to be the next gold rush, it’s going to be the most expensive commodity and I wanted to create my own information center through my small blog, someone at femiwrite says there no small blogs. One that would avail information at zero cost since internet accessibility is already expensive in Uganda.

I have words inside me, so I write. I think therefore I write.

I blog to say the unsaid


The next 21 days are also another reason why I write.

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