What do we live for

Who is wise than King Solomon who wrote down these inspired declarations
Ecclesiastes 2:11 But when I reflected on all the works that my own hands had done and on all the hard work that I had toiled to accomplish, I saw that everything was futile, a chasing after the wind; there was nothing of real value under the sun.
In the last 70 days the modern world economy we all looked up to
The flourishing and highly-valued markets are worth nothing in under two months
It feels like the world has moved off it’s the axis, but not it has not
The economy is upside down.
The stock market dropped like it was working out in a gym.
Factories the most accomplished has come to a halt
Airports have become asserted like one of those many Netflix series
Offices are empty
Schools the titular epitome of wisdom are ghost centers
Shops world over, are on lockdown
Who eternally comprehended bars not working
Workers are dead uncomfortable about their jobs, at some juncture, the IMF will advocate for downsizing to send to huge loans
Investors are now certain companies will default on their debts.
Bankruptcy lawyers should prepare, as multinationals are going to start depositing
It was all fine and the future gaped luminously
But it was all imperfect run by humans.


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