What Happened

Been having a writer’s block for about a week, I got to happy over my interview on https://www.inua.media/in-conversation-with-benjamin-kavubu/  me biggest height as a blogger,but I have a long way to go so I have to workout. Any to day am trying out something.


Am thinking very hard of a moment
When I didn’t picture you as my best friend
You must have memories of me telling you am never going to leave
Which I nearly made you believe
The end is not what I at least me, wished for

Am thinking very hard of a time
when I did not imagine you as being mine
I said many times I would be your side always so long as I was a live
I had you in my every plan, at least till time and space exchanged roles.

Am thinking very hard of a day
When you and I didn’t look like a beautiful flower garden
A garden that has grown old so fast
because I failed to care for it
always been an insecure gardener, wrecking what we had.

It never crossed my mind, to the moon and back.
Not in a heart beat that you and I would have last days.
That apologizes would come to mean nothing
I do not know what letting go means yet
Even when my love will never stand a chance.




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