FOOD Day:8 #BOTY2019

Day of 8 BOTY2019 is about food and I hate food. Yes I do and have actually been seeing a nutritionist for this is going to be my second year running. There is this lady I nearly dated who told me I had rich people problems. My friends the ones that try to figure me out are always telling me things like “you must eat real food” and “you really have bad eating habits”,  my mum gave up on me, she is like you know how to cook but you can’t learn how to eat.

So I don’t have a favorite meal and am allergic to a number of food including fruits and most spices. I never tell people because they worry a lot about what I will eat, but I do a lot of fresh and vegetables provided there is enough mayonnaise. I like cakes so long as they don’t have lemons in them. 

I still stay with my mum and brother and cooking is once in a blue moon thing, so we eat out whatever suits us, so I experiment a lot on coffee for the blood rush it gives me to get my work done. I also like a lot ice cream which gives me pimpos all over my face if I do it like for three days running a lesson I don’t want to learn.

In Uganda if you are out for an event and you don’t eat it’s a bad thing and you may actually hurt the feelings of the organiser or the host, so it gets tricky for me.

Most people wonder how I am 65 kilograms when am a poor eater, but the little junk I collect around is enough for me.

I think chicken is overrated, I just don’t find it nice at all. I have to add sugar to eat to do the magic.

Am never really eager to discover a new meal so I don’t have a food for #BOTY2019.


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