Experience Day 7 #BOTY2019

There are many experiences of 2019, but without much trouble I will pick the ABC African Blogging Challenge, which in the past was called the Winter Blogging Challenge, it originated South of this beautiful continent in the winter season, it has spread to out of Africa since many in the Diaspora took part.

It started like a joke for me before June when Afrobloggers asked the public to contribute topics that would be taken on throughout the 30 days of June. Then the topics came out and I was personally fired up to start. I scanned through them and started making a plan then I realised I was better I took on day by day which pretty worked out for me.

The topics where about everything, from technology, to culture, to identity, to politics. I made friends along the way and enemies especially the day we did unpopular opinions when I took on Israel as a current day apartheid.

By day 18 I wanted to give up but I had grown into the thing and it had became part of me. The thing with these blogging challenges is not to write but to read everyone else’s work on a given day then come the late writers.

Throughout the whole 30 days I came to learn that we can take on any topic.


I will always be grateful to Eunice Tossy from Tanzania, to Wendy Nyakudzi, to Nabule Belinda, to Precious Melody, to HeyAnci, to Ernest Jacob Taupe, to Bex I wonder how your baby is, to Beatonm Uncle of Bloggers, to Josephine Amoako the from west Africa, to Jaber Jasunga, to Angelmine, to Dante of Dialectics, to Ivan A. Rackara from Uganda, to Oden Bruce, to Nana Asabre, to Mercy of Makupsy, to Chechen Winnie and to Lila Writes and every one who identifies with Afrobloggers. You were my experience of 2019.

6 thoughts on “Experience Day 7 #BOTY2019

  1. Glad to have been a part of your best experience for the year 2019 !!! Thanks for the shout out and I have just spotted a couple of names of bloggers I should go check up on see how they been doing, since haven’t seen much of them recently, I am after all your friendly blogging uncle

    Happy holidays


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