Album Day 6 #BOTY2019

Six days gone, meaning 2020is fast approaching and am enjoying the daily blogging am kinda growing into it now. In this part of the world we don’t even know what a music album is because the local musicians do like two every year.

An album is a collection of audio recordings issued as a collection on compact disc (CD), vinyl, audio tape, or another medium like streaming which we do these days.

But I do have albums that have kept the year moving. ColdPlay’s Everyday doesn’t not make the cut because I believe it will be for next year. So I will go with two one from Vampire Weekend and the other from Hollow Coves.

images (30)

My Album of the year is Father of the Bride by Vampire Weekend and the things with this master piece is that every time you listen to it thanks to relatively cheap internet this year you love it more and more.  The track has about 17 songs and my favorite is track number 15 We Belong Together, you should check it out, it’s an alternative rock album. The other notable track are

Hold you Now

Harmony Hall


Married in a Gold Rush


flower Moon.

If you are not looking for the album at least look for these songs, I know you will like them.

images (29)

My other Album of 2019 is Moments by Hollow Coves, it’s indie folk soft rock music, is that even a kind of music. It has 11 breath taking songs, and my best is 9 Beauty in the light and 3 when we were young. We have all been young before and anyone can relate to this album, it’s a camp fire kind of album.

It’s day 6 and I thank each one of you who keep coming back again and again to read my BS.

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