Non Fiction Book. Day 4 #BOTY2019


I have always read only fiction books because I read for entertainment, but I went back to school in July and in one of the classes for economic environment a book came up, because we somehow discussed the last financial crisis and one of the people that predicted it was Ann Pettifor is a British economist and she has written a number of books and her work is about the global financial system, sovereign debt restructuring, international finance and sustainable development.
So my pick for Non fiction book is her “The Production of Money, how to break the power of the Banks.” It got me thinking and actually my blog questioning the relevance of democracy was inspired by this book.
I believe she belongs to the Keynesian school of thought about her thinking and how the financial system worked from 1945-71. She puts forward a number of things like, that the bank lending should be regulated so that credit is guided into productive lending not speculative activity which makes sense. Then that regulators should set interest rates across a spectrum of lending, she also addresses the controls on international capital flows which should be undertaken to me she has that revolutionary thinking that gives me some little hope.
Economist like hitting back at her proposals that don’t solve some key problems of the banking system including ending ‘too big to fail’, removing implicit subsidies to banks, and protecting the payments system. But who cares, at least she has raised the issues.
The book is not new but it is relevant. It’s my best of 2019. I actually had to pick between it and ISIS inside the army of terror by Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan.Screenshot_20191201-205700~3

2 thoughts on “Non Fiction Book. Day 4 #BOTY2019

  1. The only non-fiction I read is the Newspaper. Now that I think about it does the Bible count?…and biographies.
    Thank you for sharing!

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